The one minute version of this commercial is all over my television lately, and since the song has been beaten into my brain, I tried to figure out what it’s a cover of.  My research brought surprising results: It’s not a cover.  It’s an original song written specifically for this ad, and the actors are actually singing.  I am impressed.  Here’s the full version:



The other reason I’m writing this is because twice in the last few weeks I have been asked to name a celebrity that I liked/had a crush on.  I couldn’t come up with anything even close to a current answer (I think I may have mentioned Winnie Cooper).  So my new response is going to be “the running redhead from the Nike commercial.”  I guess she’s not quite a celebrity yet, but she does have an IMDB page.  Her name is Stephanie Lynn, and it seems as though she’s also a little bit of a crunchy Vermont hippie girl musician.  Here’s her website.

Also, from what we’ve learned about both of the characters in that 2:30 long video, based on personality, clothing, running ability, looks, etc; she’s clearly too good for him, right?   Leave a comment and let me know what you think, or tweet me @LucidSportsFan.

And if you read, I just realized that in many ways this is oddly similar to both what I wrote yesterday, and the day before.  Oh well.