Genoa fans had a bit of a mutiny this weekend when their club team who is facing relegation from Serie A continued their poor play.  the fans actually stormed the field during the match and forced the players to take off their jerseys because of their poor play.  this is the first I have ever seen something like this occur, but after seeing the video I would have happily taken my jersey off as well.

Eurosport explains in detail:

Relegation-threatened Genoa were losing 4-0 early in the second half when home fans began throwing flares and smoke-bombs on to the field, causing the referee to halt the game.

Some also climbed over the perspex barrier around the pitch and demanded that the players take their shirts off, the logic being that they were not worthy of wearing them.

Several players did so and the game re-started with Siena, who had retreated to the dressing room, eventually winning 4-1.