It seems that Bubba Watson and Tim Tebow could already be best friends.  Bubba Watson recently committed to play in the 2nd annual Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic just six days after his win at The Masters, yet it was the surprise gift which had people talking.

Watson came bearing a gift for Tebow during last Friday night’s gala which was held at the TPC Sawgrass Clubhouse.  Watson gave Tebow his player badge from last Sunday’s final round where he clinched the Masters title in a playoff.   Every participant at the Masters is given a players badge prior to their round, and the number is randomly assigned.  As fate would have it, Watson was given #15 which was the same number that Tim Tebow donned while he was at Florida and The Denver Broncos.

Watson spoke to The Florida Union Times regarding the gift:

“I knew I’d see Tim in a week,” Watson mentioned: “I told my caddie, I’m going to keep it unopened, and I’m going to hand it to him. I just felt like I should give it to him. It’s his football number, and I thought he might want it more now that I won.

“We believe in the Bible and doing good for people. That’s our connection. We both play sports, and there are other connections, too, but our first connection is being Christians.”

Tebow was taken aback by the kind gesture and spoke to reporters about the gesture:

“It was very special,” Tebow said. “He didn’t have to do anything like that. He’s just an amazing guy. He’s been so supportive of me and my foundation. He really cares about giving back and making a difference. He has a huge platform, and I think it will continue to increase, because he’s so real. He’s so genuine.”