It is one thing to have the announcers laugh directly at your lack of diving skills, but when your own teammate even calls you out in front of an entire stadium and TV watchers, you know you have issues.  There should have been a nice little red card shoved in Pepe’s face for this Razzie.

Awful Announcing describes the incident in detail:

In Real Madrid’s game against Valencia this weekend, Pepe makes a tackle and then gets tapped from behind.  Unsurprisingly, Pepe goes down like his leg has been blown off by a cannonball.  Real Madrid teammate Alvaro Arbeloa tries to get Pepe to stop embarrassing himself and get off the ground, but Pepe kicks out at him.  (It’s a shame he wasn’t red carded for that.)  The absurd scene leaves the Sky Sports announcers calling the game to laugh at Pepe’s ridiculous antics…