The Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings went at each other all game Thursday night. The physicality was especially rough between DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin in the paint. The Clippers won what Kings coach Keith Smart called “a great football game” by the score of 93-85.

Cousins stirred things up in a postgame interview calling Griffin ‘an actor.’ DeMarcus had good reason to be frustrated after Blake kept him in foul trouble all game and dropped 14 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists on him. The Blake Show also hit three late jumpers to clinch the Clippers win.

Here’s what Cousins had to say about Griffin:


Griffin denied going at Cousins and brushed off the comments:

“wasn’t me going at anybody. […] That’s something that will hopefully go away for [Cousins].”

DeMarcus – you’re exactly right; Blake Griffin is an actor. He’s hilarious in Kia commercials, Funny or Die videos and even on Sesame Street. BG is raking in more cash from acting than you are whining in postgame interviews. Think about that big guy.

via Ball Don’t Lie