The Los Angeles Clippers and Sacramento Kings went at each other all game Thursday night. The physicality was especially rough between DeMarcus Cousins and Blake Griffin in the paint. The Clippers won what Kings coach Keith Smart called “a great football game” by the score of 93-85.

Cousins stirred things up in a postgame interview calling Griffin ‘an actor.’ DeMarcus had good reason to be frustrated after Blake kept him in foul trouble all game and dropped 14 points, 9 rebounds and 3 assists on him. The Blake Show also hit three late jumpers to clinch the Clippers win.

Here’s what Cousins had to say about Griffin:


Griffin denied going at Cousins and brushed off the comments:

“wasn’t me going at anybody. […] That’s something that will hopefully go away for [Cousins].”

DeMarcus – you’re exactly right; Blake Griffin is an actor. He’s hilarious in Kia commercials, Funny or Die videos and even on Sesame Street. BG is raking in more cash from acting than you are whining in postgame interviews. Think about that big guy.

via Ball Don’t Lie

  • Anonymous

    blake griffin is a poor man’s shawn kemp, one dominique highlight and you will forget that blake griffin is even in the league. U know why blake gets all this run from ESPN losers like and peeps like you? Cuz u havent seen a dunk like that for years, you forget that 10-15 years ago, those dunks happened every nite. Try to at least be a purist of the game if you are gonna be self-claimed “writer.” great blake dunked over somebody, wow, never seen that before. How about writing an article when he actually makes a free throw or 20 foot jumper? now that would be surprising. Cousins is right, he is an dunk actor, not a basketball player.

    • RoundBall One

      A Poor man’s Shawn Kemp? Obviously you have a warp view or understanding of NBA talent. Shawn Kemp would be a poor man’s Blake Griffin. And you never seen Blake’s dunks 10-15 years ago. Blake Griffin is off the charts when it comes to lifts (jumping) and dunks. Also, keep in mine that this is only his 2nd year in the NBA. Yes, he still has to develop his outside shooting ability because he won’t be able to lift the way he is now 5 years down the road. Personally, I don’t like Blake Griffin, and I am a life time Pistons fan, but you have to give credit where credit is due. There are a lot of Blake Griffin haters out there who is jealous of his talent and maybe even his complexion, both from NBA players and fans. That’s too bad, but it is what it is. If Blake can develop a good outside shot, he could become a super star. That remains to be seen.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Blake is indeed an actor. The man is too athletically gifted to be pulling soccer-like, Vlade Divacesque moves. He does the same, annoying flop move each and every game: Blake gets into a position to get a rebound, boxes out a defender, has no chance to get the board, so he self-propels himself across the court like nobody’s business feigning a push off and adds a scream to top it off… it’s not hating, D Cousins it telling you how it is.

  • Anonymous

    I have to first agree the Demarcus Cousins is a big whinner but much of his whinning has subsided as he is a maturing 21 year old. As far a Blake Griffin goes, he has yet to inpress me as a skilled player on the court. Dunks are dunks. After you’ve seen several of them on a nightly basis from the same player it creates a “yawn effect”. After viewing last nights game I have to agree with Cousins as he easily intimidated Griffin while showing more heart and skill in the game and could have totally dominated Griffin had the refs not fallin prey to Griffins theatrics. Most of his dunks come off of offensive fouls he commits, which are never called. Since when can you place your hand on a opposing player’s shoulder or grab him by the back of the head while dunking over him? Blake Griffin is all hype!! I also understand Cousins ire from the standpoint of Griffin being GIVEN Rookie of The Year as SECOND YEAR player when Cousins would have been the sure nominee.

  • Anonymous

    Haters…..Nobody wants to get dunked on by anyone let alone Blake Griffin cuz they know it will be an ESPN highlight…..Everyone is entitled to their opinions as I am mine….Give credit where credit is due…He may not be an all around ball player as I keep reading about free throws and Jump shots but still no reason to hate on the guy…I am OKC Thunder die hard fan and hated the dunks he has put down on us but still love to watch him play….Just saying!!!

  • Anonymous

    You are an idiot. That’s the only response you deserve.

  • Anonymous

    What about those two dunks on Gasol the other night? You are saying that those dunks used to be an every night thing? hahah You must be a Laker fan, that’s the only explanation for your ignorant post.

  • Anonymous

    That is all he knows “DUNK”. He cannot shoot….. pathetic!

  • Ballin4eva

    Bball is my first love. I grew up during the Jordan era. I have stacks of VHS(yes VHS, before DVD’s and youtube etc) highlight tapes with a wide-variety of players. I’ve seen some spectacular, jaw dropping plays, but I can say , without a shred of a doubt, that BG is one thee BEST dunkers the game has ever seen. EVER. …and I dont give credit to players easily. There hasnt been ANYONE who has amassed the kind of DUNKS he has in 1 1/2 seasons, over their ENTIRE CAREERS. NO ONE dunks like BG. No one 10-15 years ago was dunking like BG. And dunks arent just dunks. They are the most exciting single play in all of sports. Dunks are better than homeruns, touchdowns, hole in ones, goals, or anything else. You mean you’d rather see Russel Westbrook pull up for a J, rather than fly over a center and dunk??? Just stop it already. Fans watch for excitement, not sound basketball fundamentals. Funny how BG dropped the “3 LATE JUMPERS” to seal the victory.. but all he can do is dunk. hahaha. BG is the household monster Cousins will never be.