We at Cosby Sweaters got an email a couple of weeks ago from a boy named Leon hoping to take Justin Bieber to prom…….”as a bro.” I wasn’t quite sure what to make of him, or how dedicated he was to the mission, so we had a little Skype chat. After speaking to him I feel pretty impressed by him and how he has mobilized this effort.

The interview really speaks for itself, but these are a few conclusions I came to:

1. Leon is turning into a man and has been working out.

2. Leon possibly has about 5% boy/man crush on Biebs (who doesn’t?) but 95% of him genuinely wants to take Biebs to prom as a bro only. I believe that now.

3. WE MUST HELP LEON GET JUSTIN TO PROM WITH HIM AS A BRO! So spread the news any way you can! We must reach Bieber!