Former LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne has had his Wonderlic test score revealed and it is about 46 points under a perfect score, yes he got a ‘4.’  To put this into perspective a perfect score is a ’50’ and a ‘4’ is nowhere near ’50.’  Did you get that?

Shutdown Corner elaborates:

The NFL average is 21. The public average is 24. Vince Young, the most popular failed Wonderlic test-taker in NFL history, scored a six. Terry Bradshaw, a guy who “couldn’t spell ‘cat’ even if you spotted him  a ‘ca’” got a 13.

Wonderlic scores are supposed to remain secret, but these things always have a way of getting out. This bothers Claiborne’s agent Bus Cook, not necessarily because this will hurt Claiborne’s draft stock (it won’t) but because it reflects terribly on the agent.

“I haven’t heard a word about,” Cook said after hearing about it. “I haven’t talked to anybody about it. All I know is that [Claiborne] was form a complicated defensive system and he flourished in it.”

If multiple sources are reporting this, we are inclined to hear it but have to admit that it isn’t a great look for the soon to be NFL player.