The Pittsburgh Penguins nation held their collective breath during tonight’s Penguins and New York Islanders game.  Sidney Crosby ended up receiving a puck to the face off of  a puck shot by New York Islanders defenseman Dylan Reese.  Crosby has been back only for a few games as he has been recovering from concussion symptoms most of the year.

ESPN reports:

Crosby stayed down on his stomach for about a minute before gathering himself and getting back up on his skates. He then skated off toward the tunnel leading to the dressing room. He returned to the bench with 10:13 left in the period, and was back on the ice moments later.

Pittsburgh can exhale now.


via ESPN

image via Mike Stobe/Getty Images

  • Anonymous

    It’s good news that the injury wasn’t serious. He’s such a great player. I can’t wait until he’s playing a regular schedule.

  • Anonymous

    One good body shot , and he`s toast.

  • Anonymous

    He got hit with a puck .There are no hands off signs on any player . If you need to protect him he shouldn’t be out there no one is trying to hurt the little sweetheart of the NHL Please …………….

  • Anonymous

    It’s disgusting that the League chooses who are “superstars” and punishes the attackers severely while ignoring others. Sidney can potentially be as prolific and history-making as Wayne Gretzky but he won’t if the damn officials keep allowing him to be a punching bag for others. I would warrant that the same thing can be said for Daniel and Henrik Sedin…they are very dynamic but can’t show their skill because they are constantly having to fight off the goons. I hope, that if anything really tragic happens to these players that the officials are haunted by it for the rest of their lives because I hold them responsible for not doing their job properly.