Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem made a friendly wager going into Thursday night’s Sweet Sixteen matchup between Florida and Marquette. If Marquette wins (Wade’s alma mater), Haslem had to put Golden Eagle tags on his car. If Florida wins (Haslem’s alma mater), Wade has to put Gator tags on his car.

Florida ended up beating Marquette in impressive fashion, and Udonis hasn’t let Dwyane live it down according to LeBron James:

“U.D. made sure he made his mark,” forward LeBron James told the Sun-Sentinel. “He came in with the Gator fight song this morning, played it on the bus, and he’s probably going to mess [with it] through the whole week.”

Below is an interview featuring both Haslem and Wade discussing the bet pre-Sweet Sixteen. We’re assuming DWade has a few whips that he never even drives that the Gator plates can be thrown on.


via OGOA