The Rays had quite a scare during a spring training game last Wednesday against the Marlins.  Check out the below collision which happened between BJ Upton and Desmond Jennings in the outfield.  Both players were injured on the play, and Upton seems to be taking the brunt of it.

According to the MLB website:

“It’s coming along,” Upton said. “Kind of like a car accident — it’s not going to go away right away, as long as it’s getting better every day.”

“A little tight, trying to keep it loose, not much else we can do.”

Rays manager Joe Maddon said that Upton’s return is contingent on Upton “getting beyond that soreness.”

“He’s not ready to engage in regular batting practice yet,” Maddon said. “We need him to do that before we get him back. He’s well, there’s no injury per se, but he’s still sore and stiff.

“If he can do [a regular batting practice] on Tuesday and do it comfortably, we can pop him into a game. That’s Ronnie’s call. But I won’t know that until Tuesday.”


via TBL