Paul Casey had a hole-in-one today at the Cadillac championship on the 15th hole and it was as pretty as you would expect. What made the ace even better was the reaction of Paul’s caddie who was celebrating quite emphatically, and for good reason. On the 15th tee Paul Casey had told caddie Craig Connelly he’d give him the car, which he thought was a prize, if he aced it. Unfortunately for Craig, the car was a prize for acing the 13th hole which was another par 3, not the 15th hole.

Paul remarked after the round: “I’ve never enjoyed not winning a car so much.”


H/T The Big Lead

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  • Patrick Manley

    Why was the car at the 15th hole instead of the 13th . One would naturally assume that this was the hole to shoot for . Obviously so did the dealership thereby increasing the odds that no one would get the hole in one especially if they had already passed the not so hyped 13th hole . Promise a free car in exchange for free advertising knowing that the odds are long to accomplish the free prize , especially if you don’t know you can try for it on the 13th hole .

  • Peter Wiggins

    Any chance Cadillac will make use of this nice opportunity for some good advertising and fine away to at least give a free year or 2 lease??

  • pklMMA

    Why dont they give him the car anyway???There such good commercial to be made with that funny moment.
    Give him the damn car Cadillac!Are you that cheap….

  • mason

    If Cadillac gave him the Car it would be worth every penny as this story has already got quite a bit of coverage.

  • jojo

    They had cars all around the course. The event was sponsored by Cadillac and they were everywhere, not just at that hole.