Los Angeles Clippers all-star forward Blake Griffin took a pretty rough hit to the head from Golden State Warriors forward Dominic McGuire on Sunday night.  The quick right jab stunned Griffin and it took him a while to remember exactly where he was.


via @Blazersedge

  • Maybe Blake can use the blow to his head to explain his reason for trying to act like a thug against the Celtics last night. As A Celtic Fan for 50 years I always wonder why these players play pro ball like they are back in the hood! GROW UP and show some class as opposed to being an ass. That appears to be the only part of clASS that Blake understands. Watch your bipolar play of that game CRYING to his MOMMY (REFS) and trying to push others around! Well Blake as Dr Phil say Hows that working for you? Oh by the way who won that game that video featuring the cry baby? Thats right THE CLASSY CELTICS!!! Now go and learn how to ty a tie.