The Portuguese soccer star and great diver was on the way to Real Madrid teammate Pepe’s birthday when he had a bit of trouble with his  black Lamborghini which cost his around 300k (or £200K).  Ronaldo had to call in mechanics to see if they could get it started, but unfortunately money can’t buy you luck and the car was forced to be towed, like so many before it.  If I ever spent 300k on a car and it broke down, I would have some words with the dealer.

via The Daily Mail

  • will

    should have bought a ford

    • mertle

      Have more fun in Shellby GT500( New one) he,he.Have a Rav for, sya it’t do 140. OMG. V-6 mighty mite.

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  • Stupid Lamborghini I wish I could blow that engine up with my high heel foot pedal pumping they call it. would be so fun, I hate expensive sports cars and I hate rich guys that drive them

  • mertle

    Right, Buy a Ford, Shellby GT500( new Model). More Fun 700 HP OMG

  • Should have bought a McLaren!

  • -Three hundred grand… not on this planet. Just a cool half million less taxes and tags provided you were fortunate enough to buy direct from Lambo before they sold out- eighteen months beyond calendar 2012. Such a coveted first right of refusal (gotta own one to get one) would run you 400k plus some sea legs getting her home.

    Happy Motorin’ Motorheads-

    “2012” Catalyst is upon us and her name is Aventadoria

  • john wayne

    occupaaay this, we can turn it in to 5000 chev. volts to save the earth, he don’t need that much car, spread it around to jerks who never worked a day in there like, oh yes , the volt comes w/ free fire extingwissshhheeerrr

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Frack the chevy volt what a turd just like a dodge neon only crappier. Get the marxist communist American Hating Hitler protege out of the whitehouse and let’s get off foreign oil and export our glut of natural gas and Create some real jobs. For the ones still living t mommy & daddy’s bleeding us dry.

    • ViperPilot

      So say we all.

  • Eric E

    Lambs are overpriced pieces of flotsum. Renaldo wants his status symble and he’s got it! Broken down and being towed away. A 300,000 $ flop……just like the man who owns it. A more apripo purchase would be either the Gremlin or the Pacer. Either would better serve as a true personal representation.

  • edog6662

    Lamborghini made out of linguini. Why not just drive a Gremlin or a Pacer. Same quality as Renaldo’s sense of sportsmanship. Follow your cars’ lead and Take A Dive, LOSER!

  • Claudio

    Que imprevisto! As vezes somos traidos pela mecatrônica.Rsrsrsrs

  • jon garcia

    When did he go from Brazilian to Portuguese?

    • Anthony

      theres two ronaldos

  • Rafik

    He should use Bugatti Veyron which is cute

  • wacdi

    Next car should be japens car.

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