Niklas Kronwall’s hit on Jakub Voracek Tuesday night was one that you could feel through the TV.  The Detroit Red Wings were playing the Philadelphia Flyers in Detroit and nearly midway through the second period Kronwall laid the back of his shoulder into the body of Voracek and absolutely crushed him.  Voracek got up immediately following the hit but had very little understanding of where he was or what happened.


via Puck Daddy

  • You know it is bad when those arms stick out straight like that before the dude even hits the ground. It looks like Voracek looks up for a second before he sticks his head back down before he gets plowed. Head on a swivel man…

  • Ry

    Kronwall and his signature butt-check. Watch out! Nik’s ass is on the hunt!

    • Theresa

      Think guy should be taken out of game-looks like intent to injure and it’s just wrong.

      • EJ

        It was a a legal hit, you never look down, if you dont keep your head up your going to get nailed.