The Clippers super fan seems to be dealing with quite a bit lately after recently being technically kicked out of Lob City.  The fan formerly known as “Clipper Darrell” showed up on ABC’s local newscast in Los Angeles over the weekend to chat about his recent struggle.  The result was a very uncomfortable moment for all when Clipper Darrell broke down in tears around the 2 minute and 15 second moment.


via Traina

  • jj

    Thats crazy!

  • doyouwantmore

    False religions always leave you broken, humiliated, and bitter at your object of worship.

  • The ABC news guy is terrible!

  • Rick

    Dude be a fan from home,

    I can see through this interview, you’re not a fan you’re an opportunist.
    You have taken the Clipper name, Logo and colors and used them for your personal and financial growth free of charge.
    youve over stepped a boundary, the boundary that you failed to see because youre you though there were none.

    Be a fan from home.
    the Clippers are doing good now, people often forget when times get good.
    give it three years when CP3 and Blake are gone and that place is empty and quiet again, youll get a call then.

  • Man what the hell was that? Is this guy for real or what? Grow up “Clipper Boy” and get some counseling!!