Nike has released new away kits for the Dutch national team for the upcoming London Summer Olympic Games.

The kits are the most environmentally friendly soccer uniforms ever. Here are some stats:

– each kit are made from the polyester of 13 recycled bottles
– they way 23% lighter than the Bejing games uni’s from 4 years ago

More from Hypebeast:

While simple, the black and radically contrasting orange logo hits will have a dramatic — and hopefully for the Dutch team, an intimidating effect while out on the pitch. Printed on the inside of each jersey are the words ‘Nieuwe Meesters,’ which means ‘New Masters’ in Dutch. It’s a subtle homage to names like Rembrandt and Vermeer — some of the greatest minds to have ever emerged from the Netherlands. The ‘New Masters‘ more specifically refers Dutch modern history being made by the team itself, as well as seven currently influential figures of Dutch art, design, and culture.