A NASCAR driver named Brad Keselowski pulled a first in racing history, that I am aware of, Monday night during the postponed running of the Daytona 500.  Brad tweeted a photo (from his car) of a fiery wreck which occurred with only 40 laps to go.  Since his first Tweet he gained over 120,000 followers in under two hours since the red flag was waved.  We have seen Twitter accounts grow very quickly, but this is unheard of in the racing world.   Reports say that Brad had around 65,000 followers when he first Tweeted the picture, he now over 201,000 followers and it is still growing.

[blackbirdpie url=”https://twitter.com/#!/keselowski/status/174327635093106688″]

  • kjd

    this isn’t even a good pic of the crash or fire. What’s the big deal about this??

    • Sandi Beach

      Were U there to take photos? A couple hour delay at least gave people soimething to do

    • kjdsucks

      Dude, he took a picture while driving in the Daytona 500. How do you not see this as being a big deal? Fucking idiot

      • garrettracing

        Actually, he was stopped for some time when the picture was took.

  • Swampy

    This is a pic of another incident after the track was opened from the big ball of flames… This wreck took out 6 drivers and Brad caught it before the smoke began… while driving 195 mph.

  • carchic

    The big deal is that it is a 1ST!! No other driver has ever taken a picture or tweeted about a crash before, I think it is very interesting, and history in the making for NASCAR!

  • Dude

    This picture was taken while the cars were parked, under a RED FLAG. They park diagonally in case the hot engine won’t start, they can roll-start down the banking. (yes, the straightaways slightly are banked at Daytona, for water runoff)

  • Dude

    The smoke and fire are from the burning jet blower, which Juan-Problem Montoya crashed into in turn three.

  • Notso

    Dude is right, it was during the red flag. I was once a big fan of NASCAR but had lost interest in recent years. Word of Kes’ tweet caught my interest and got me to change the channel and watch the final 40 laps of the race and what a great 40 laps it was. Would like to see the difference in TV ratings after he did it to see how many fans he got reinvigorated.

  • whoopdidoobazzle

    He should be fined. In REAL sports tweeting/facebooking during events are frowned upon and fines are issued. And another left turn oh here comes another left turn, And to finish it off he is driving straight! What a race!