If you’re anything like me, winning your fantasy league is second to coming up with a clever team name. I’ve tried the direct approach (Domination Station). I have gone for the corny (Sidney Rice and Beans). The nostalgic (Scott Smalls All Stars). And the draft day time crunch (El Rubio).

However, nothing works as well as the clever pun. It’s tough to toe that line between absolutely ridiculous and “wish I would have thought of that”.

Music is one of the best answers to this predicament. Band word plays won’t be considered third grade level punditry and your friends will take note of your cleverness (no pun intended).

If you’re stuck naming your fantasy baseball team, feel free to lift one from the list. However, stop doing it once it gets cool.

Jon Papelbon Iver

Yu-Tang Clan

Prince Fielder and the Revolution

Death Cabrera for Cutie

Derek Jeter, Bjorn, and John

Fausto Carmona the People (I know that’s not his real name. It was just too good to pass up)

Werth, Wind, and Fire

Sigur Ross Detwiler

The Violent Thames

Jon Lester than Jake

The David Wright Stripes

Philip Humber Pie

Alcides Escobar Soundsystem

and my favorite…

Heath Bell and Sebastian


We’re also big fans of Rilo Kyrie Irving.

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