Mikhail Prokhorov Rapping Is Oddly Calming

For some reason Mikhail Prokhorov, who owns the New Jersey Nets is as entertaining as anyone in Hollywood X10.  The latest on Prokhorov has him rapping on a TV show and actually doing a decent job of it.  You have to respect him for going in on Hova as well.

The New Yorker explains:”And here is Russian oligarch and presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov rapping. A couple of weeks ago, Prokhorov, whom I wrote about for The New Yorker this week, appeared on “Projector Paris Hilton,” a comedy show on state television that allows itself some mild political satire. The show’s hosts handed Prokhorov a sheet of paper and asked him to rap along about his signature technology product, the ѿ-Mobile. Pronounced “yo-Mobilie,” it sounds roughly like the shorthand for Fuck Mobile to a Russian ear. It also makes for a fun, if corny, conceit for some stiff-jointed rapping.”