ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh did a little research via tiqiq in regards to ticket pricing for tomorrow nights match up between the New York Knicks and The Miami Heat.  He had been hearing, as have we, that this is the hardest and most requested ticket easily over the past three years in Miami.  The unfo he came back with is fairly impressive, due to a certain Jeremy Lin:

  • The average home ticket price for the Miami Heat is $218.54
  • The average price for this Thursdays Knicks @ Heat game is $612.23
  • The current get in price (seated) is $131
  • The highest priced ticket is in Courtside South Row AA for $9,400+
  • This match up between the Knicks and Heat is 122.1% higher then their match up earlier in the season in Miami ($275.66)
  • This is game is 180.2% higher then the Heat’s home average ticket price
  • The average price for this game has risen 178% since Tuesday 2/7 (day after Lin’s first start ($220.23)

Below is data on their previous 2 match ups @ Miami:

  • 2/27/11-Avg price was $387.92 with a get in price of $60
  • 1/27/12-Avg price was $275.66 with a get in price of $43