International footy superstar, Thierry Henry, apparently loves fish. So much so that he is going to rebuild his nearly £6 million ($8 million USD) home in North London so he can fit a four story, 40ft fish tank inside. The 15ft long by 3ft wide mammoth tank will cost Henry £250,000 ($330,000 USD) to build. It’s cost to run? Around £12,000 (just over $15,000 USD) per year.

Pictures of the current home and the plans for the new one, below:

The beautiful £6 million house is about to be gone in order to accommodate the football star’s new fish tank obsession.

The annual bill to fit all of the fish will cost approximately £2,500 ( $3,000+ USD) and will require weekly maintenance and inspections.

The tank will hold 5,500 gallons of water and nearly 300 fish.

Is it worth it? Who cares. This thing is going to be one of the most baller fish tanks in any home in the entire world. Cheers, Thierry.


via Spy Ghana