In a day where kids are selfish IPOD listening a-holes, this act of selflessness comes as a breath of fresh air. Townsend Bulldog’s senior Troy Spurlock is a special needs high school wrestler that works hard and gives his all on the mat but has come up short in the win column during his high school wrestling career. Clancy Ludvigson(awesome last name) took notice of Spurlock’s defeats and decided that he would give Spurlock a moment to remember on Senior night by allowing Spurlock to pin him and give Spurlock the first win of his wrestling career.

With the win Spurlock says that he will stop focusing on girls and focus on his wrestling after this win since he will be getting his “championship on” in Pasadena where his team will be competing for a state title.

I Can’t believe I forgot to say this when I originally posted but Clancy Ludvigson, you are the man!

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  • Hippo

    Thank you for sharing this on a day when ICE Agents are killing each other. Clancy Ludvigson has miraculously brought balance to the scale of hope.

  • What a refreshing story! We have such mean and shallow people paraded as if news worthy or noteworthy, but not for anything noble or good. This story is so different.
    Tony now has a positive experience, a memory no one can take away from him.
    Clancy was big enough, man enough, emotionally intact enough to both do such a selfless thing, but not spoil it or take it away from Tony after the fact. Well done and thank you for sharing with the rest of us. May God bless you both.

  • Vin

    Fantastic story.

    GREAT kids.

  • Leo

    I’m extremely happy that this story is getting the attention it deserves. Thank you all for taking a look at it.

  • This is one of the best stories I have ever read!! Clancy you are an amazing young man, not only for your selfless act, but, for also having, at your age the foresight to do something so incredible for another human being!

  • Jeff Willoughby

    Being a former high school wrestler, I completely understand the pressures of winning, in this day and age where most kids of this age are selfish and completely ignorant to others feelings and beliefs this is very refreshing to see, especially in such a demanding sport! Great job keep up the hard work, and remain humble it will pay iod one day.

  • it takes a lot to impress me and i am VERY impressed with clancy…my prayer is that this kid goes undefeated in his h.s. career… and kudos to his parents …. a testament to how he is being raised

  • i am extemely impressed with clancy and my prayer is that this young man goes undefeated in his h.s. career…. kudos to his parents for raising such a person of integrity…. and i’m impressed with troy for his drive, determination and never give up attitude.. we adults could learn a huge lesson from both these young men

  • shawn stevenson

    now that right there is a true sportsman. good job clancy. way to put ur stats in the back of ur mind and give a win to someone special.

  • Gail

    Wow. There were two winners in this match. Clancy, you, too, will remember this moment, and it will mean as much to you as the win did to Tony. I have a special needs child, and have two others living with me. I know how big this is, and this made me cry.

  • annie

    good ol’ montana boy….gotta love it!