The other day while I was working, two people started playing Words With Friends at my bar.  No big deal, right?  I see that all the time, usually when somebody is waiting for another person to arrive.  But this was kind of odd because they were both right there next to each other.  I mean usually people go to bars to talk and be social, not to sit and play games.  But you know what made this particularly weird?  These two were playing the original version of the game, I think it’s called Scrabble?  Lucky for me a couple friends of mine were also sitting at the bar, and sneakily took a picture:

And this wasn’t even the small plastic version of “Travel Scabble” from the 80′s; these people whipped out the full on original size game, in a cardboard box with wooden tiles and everything.  Surprisingly this didn’t actually bother me as much as some other things people do at the bar.  It wasn’t very busy at the time and mostly I was just amused by it.  But it was definitely pretty ballsy of these two to just assume it was an acceptable thing to do.  Also they left their scorecard behind.

Oh, and for anybody unfamiliar with my humor/writing style, obviously I know what Scrabble is.  I just thought it was funnier to write it this way.

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  • I think it’s hilarious that you felt the need to explain your “joke” at the end.

  • Teddy Butt Aids

    Playing games at the bar, odd right? Imagine if people went to bars & played games like pool, darts, shuffle board, trivia, video porker, texas hold em, oh & wouldn’t it be really crazy odd if people went to bars to sing?

  • Football is a requisite for any college I apply to. Penn state, you’re next.