Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin

This is when things start getting weird.  On SportsCenter this morning, ESPN flashed a graphic which made me take a double-take.  Apparently, in Tebow’s fifth start last season, he went 9-for-20 and scored the game-winning touchdown against the Jets in the last minute of play. In Jeremy Lin’s fifth start this season, he went 9-for-20 and scored the game-winning three-pointer against the Raptors with just 0.5 seconds left.

I have heard the comparisons for the past week and have been happy to dismiss them, but this may have brought me back… a little.


Thanks to the Big Lead for the H/T and Screengrab

  • They both go 9 for 20, so I looked up bible verses and found this:

    He asked, “But who do you say I am?” Peter replied, “You are the Messiah sent from God!”
    ~Luke 9:20

  • Vickie Fleming

    Hey Chi-Vince: You are very sharp. I loved it. Those two are really from the same cloth. Real Brothers in Christ..

    Ya gotta love it!!!