Just when we thought the legend of Jeremy Lin had reached its peak, it took another step higher today.  Politico 44 is reporting that President Obama is impressed by the skills of Jeremy Lin, and his story:

“The president is an avid sports fan and particularly avid basketball fan and we were speaking about Jeremy Lin on Marine One as we flew here to Andrews Air Force Base this morning,” Carney said Wednesday. “It’s just a great story and the president was saying as much this morning. Obviously terrific for the New York Knicks but it’s the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself.”

“It’s a great story and yes, he’s very impressed and fully up to speed. I know he’s watched Lin play already and he’s seen the highlights from last night’s game,” Carney told reporters.

Imagine the emotional roller coaster that this young New York Knicks guard is enjoying currently?  It is all pretty amazing.


  • Ray

    obama, keep your hands off of Lin. He is a man of God and you are NOT. He is an example to all the youth in the nation and you are NOT. Ray

    • Sean Spencer

      HUH…not a man of God, how again is that?

    • Ivan

      You don’t know what you are talking about, Ray.

    • Daniel

      Ray, wow. Those are really harsh words. I’m a Christian, but you embarrass me. I think we need to leave it to God to decide if our president is a man of God or not. Something about ‘judge not lest you be judged.’

    • kat

      Ray, YOU are not a man of God, nor “an example the youth in the nation”. It is such an embarassment that hypocritical, misinformed persons claim to be representing religion. Obama is a person of GOOD will who wouldn’t stoop to your behavior. I shouldn’t, but I grow tired of seeing such distortions – It makes many hate religion, judging it by foolish hypocritical comments such as yours.

    • Shawn

      Ray you might want to read Romans 13: 1-7, instead of bashing our president.

      • Shawn, he’s NOT everyone’s President…..If YOU want to CLAIM him as your’s….go ahead. He’s done “0” to bring our Nation out of the financial mess we are now in….Will you knucklehead ‘Liberals” start doing your research, you are embarrassing our great Nation’s reputation….If you want the US to become another Greece, vote him back in, ‘wipes….. “Cut, Cap and Balance”, you liberal socialists….

        • JAD

          Jeffrey, you are another idiot like Ray.Your last name says it all. It HURTs! Sorry, I stand corrected! You are worst than Ray. Is this the future of the great United States of America? Sooooooo sad!!!

        • Ely

          When Obama is president again then you can feel how I did under all those years of the Bush administration. Even if the economy was great you would find something to scrutinize.

    • Shawn

      Ray you may want to read Romans 13: 1-7, before bashing our president.

    • Shawn

      Ray as an American you are entitled to your opinion, but as a Christian you are to obey God’s word. With that said you may want to grab a Bible and Read Romans 13: 1-7.

    • Shawn

      Ray as an American you are entitled to your opinion, but as a Christian you are to obey God’s word. ou may want to read Romans 13:1-7.

    • Charles

      Obviously you, Ray, have lost your marbles somewhere in Iraq. Or did you sell your soul to someone from the looney right fringe like Pat Robertson?

    • HML

      Not an example to all youth? Really??? He’s the 1st African American President…I think that’s a pretty good example

      Go home Ray!!!

    • Matt

      Ray, huh, really? someone sounds bitter about Obama being president. suck it up bra you gonna have to deal with it for another 4 years when Obama wins again. 🙂

    • Duwali

      Are you a Republican Ray?

    • Mike

      Hey RAY, your a MORON!!!!! Jump off a bridge so we can have a better world!! THANKS!

    • Chip

      Ray, You are a MORON and the president is not!!!

    • KD

      Ray you are an idiot. When did God put you in charge of deciding who is of God and who is not. Today I declare that RAY THE IDIOT is NOT of God. So, there, you too along with Obama is not of GOD.

    • JAD

      It is too bad that internet chats allow the worse of idiots the opportunity to express their idiocy without any fundamental references. Up until then, people like you represented no real menace to others who were not compelled to be exposed to your irrational mental blockage. I cannot say it will get better since it is not a hangover in your case, but purely the inability to process sound reasoning.

      The problem with people like you Ray is that your stupidity is a curse that will never go away. It is sad, mainly for you and others like you, who will never be clever enough to impress others, nor interesting enough to amuse them, but will continuously bark loudly just for the sake of disrupting the conversations of those with at least some intellectual capacity, or even with just some basic wisdom.

      Word of advice Ray! Some things are better left unsaid! Some might even consider you a bigot for making such statement but I will deem it as pure ignorance. I bet you would not have criticized Bush in this manner when he did not even come close to Obama’s intellectual capacity and leadership. Why not try to be original and you will not fall in the vicious circle of having the urge to repeat the ludicrousness of others like you.

    • GodChaser

      Ray, who are you to judge who is and who isn’t a man of God? God created man in His own image and created us equal. Just because Obama has chosen his own path doesn’t make him any different than you or I. I have made mistakes and have done things that I am not proud of, but I am a man after Gods own heart. Don’t be quick to judge. because the measure you judge, you will be judged.

    • bob

      and you are very illogical and say things as if they are written in stone and true when they are probably not true

    • Damian

      Ray, you’re a hater…you don’t know Jeremy Lin and you definitely don’t know President Obama. Keep your mouth shut if it spews hate and negativity.

    • Ryan

      You gotta love Christians.

    • mdavis

      ray you need to get a life, you don;t no what obama is and you will never get what he got power nut

    • tina

      chill out guys =.= lets just enjoy basketball…ray u put the christian faith to shame, it is ppl like u that drives ppl away from God…ppl like u make me wanna stop believing = = and a sin such as this is greater than anything else, God will judge for Himself who is and who is not worthy

    • Mark

      You are the epitome of what is wrong with this country, You ignorant moron.

    • Ray your an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chip Rupert

    I often use sports to escape. Please don’t pollute with Obama references anymore. If I wanted politics I would go to a political website. Thank you.

    • JimBob

      Oh get over yourself, Chipper.

  • ed

    obama who??????

  • KTN

    Why don’t you show one of the Knicks’ game on one of major network such as ABC, NBC, FOX so that those of us that cannot get cable can see what this great player is all about? If not, put a game on the internet so we can watch the replay.

    • JAD

      Try this site! [atdhe.eu] without the brackets. if you have a decent video card on your computer and highspeed internet, you should get fairly good reception and streaming. enjoy!

  • MONA

    HA HA HA, THE MAN IS THE DAMN PRESIDENT, GET THE f*** over it. im tired of hearing about the sh**. next year, you run for the position,and make things better,DUH! OK then, moving right along. Let the man do his reign in peace,like the rest of the GOOD OLE BOY’s. why do you really despise that GOOD OLE CHRISTIAN MAN? yeah think about that, dig REAL DEEP DOWWWN in your soul for that one. HA HA HA. im tired of hearing about the man hell!

  • paddy

    always the happiest convergence when the shallowest end of the gene pool gets the first post

  • Atticus


  • RC

    Ray wake up the same person who created u created obama.

  • emenot

    There is going to be another first of BAM BAM does not win this year, the first $1 billion incumbent president to fail re-election in history…boohoo…

    • JimBob

      Uhhh, first of all, emenot….he is not going to lose. Have you seen those buffoons the GOP has put up this year?

  • Knightnote

    Ray; when did basketball become a religious event?

  • i am with daniel those are some bad words but obama is a b****

  • J Fizz

    bunch of bimbos postin in here

  • Joe

    Lin is not the first and wont be the last asian who plays bb, he is GOOD just let him play.

  • Tim

    As a president, he’s completely over his head. But even an idiot can see the talent in Lin, the President is no exception.

  • Michael James

    Ray you are all that is right with America, Freedom of speach. Now please use that right and shut up please. Thank you

  • bryan

    religion sucks! keep it out of sports guys.

  • Joe

    Ray’s type of ignorance is part of the reason this country is divided. Ray, as a christian, I will not judge your comment but I can only say that this country will do much better without people of your kind. Shame on you for you are a big embarrassment to America. What an IDIOT!

  • Evangeline

    FIrst of all, this all is hipocritic just as I am. We are all horrible Christians. So… lets just give Ray a little swat and forgive and be off with it.
    Now to the real thing… GOD BLESS OBAMA AND JEREMY LIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AdmirerGQ

    Hey Ray, what does it feel like to hate someone that bad? Is it a skill you learn or were you just simply born this way? Ray… hello… are you still there? Oh come on man don’t be like that. A lot of people have been replying to your comment. You are going to respond right?


  • champion2211

    You guys are in just a shouting match. Just leave your comment about what was said. As the president is a big fan of Lin—–Who Cares. He is just a hot rookie but a good one. Enough said.

  • NAZ

    the president is just admiring Lins talent to play the game when did religion come into this? Ray your a fucking idiot …. if your reading this and all the comments before mine .

  • hube

    ray i simpertise with you seek help
    obama is the president and its a blessing for him
    to give lin his blessing god bless them both