It’s a horrific day in the world of sports. The one and only Mike Comrie, better known as Hilary Duff’s hubby and soon to be baby-daddy, has officially traded in his barely-worn jersey for fatherhood. After having his third hip surgery just a couple of weeks ago, Comrie announced today that he can no longer “manage the rigors of NHL play.” In 13 NHL seasons, only 3 of which he played more than 50 games, Comrie never established much of a “home base.” He was drafted in the third round by the Edmonton Oilers in 1999 and spent three years with them, recording a career high 33 goals in his first full season. He was then traded to the Flyers for .5 seconds, followed by the Coyotes, Senators, and Islanders, then back to the Senators, back to the Oilers, and finally ending his career with the Pittsburgh Penguins. My head is spinning.

It’s always sad when a promising player’s career is cut short due to injury, as we’ve seen with some of the greats: Bobby Orr, Paul Kariya, Adam Deadmarsh, etc. (not that Mike Comrie is on the same skill level), but still an unfortunate situation. In all honesty though, I’m pretty sure this topic is of little interest to hockey fans…this is mostly just for you pop-culture junkies and Lizzie McGuire fanatics. So Mike, I will honor you in the only way I know how: by sharing quite possibly the best goal of your strange and at times disappointing NHL career.


via CBC Sports