Oklahoma State beat No. 2 Missouri 79-72 tonight and the fans rushed the court. While this was a big upset, the end result may be overshadowed by Markel Brown’s vicious alley-oop dunk followed by stare-down followed by ejection.

Brown was already carrying a technical foul before the post-dunk “unsportsmanlike conduct,” leading to his dismissal. If you’re going to get ejected, this is definitely the ideal way to go out.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SssYW4Qxz2s[/youtube]

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  • Lector

    In the SEC that would have been a “no call” — and rightly so. If anything, he was fouled on the way to the bucket. It should have been an “and-one,” not a “T.”

  • Fluffy

    Good call. No room for poor sportsmanship. (Great play, btw, though.)

  • LogicalVoice

    That was a crap call. Fire the referee. There was no techical foul AT ALL on that play, just a great dunk and the rightful look of “you got dunked on”, that’s basketball.

  • wesleywhatwhat

    that’s the very definition on a BS call by the ref.

    that guy needs to find another line of work. maybe a crossing guard or nanny.

    i 100% agree with the commenter above – FIRE THAT REF.

  • wesleywhatwhat

    that’s the very definition of a BS call by the ref.
    that guy needs to find another line of work. maybe a crossing guard or nanny.
    i 100% agree with the commenter above – FIRE THAT REF.

  • togle7569

    I watch alot of games over the seasons and these refs are beginning to look like they are calling games by where the team is ranked in the top 25 if you are a ranked team you get away with a lot more just like in this case if missouri had done that it wouldnt have been called

  • tony baloney

    That was a bs call. immediately the ref gives the guy a T. The ref’s always want to take the fun out of sports. the stare down is part of B-ball, get over it.

  • gary mcmillion

    The guy did not say anything, nor did he linger over the downed opponent. All he did was stare at his opponent, who, BTW, fouled him as he was dunking the ball. Maybe this ref was so sensitive about missing the correct call that he called the technical as his way out!! An extremely poor job on the part of the ref.

  • From the comments registered so far, I see the “hot dogs” just don’t get it. There is no room in sports for intimidation; he or she who does it has no class and should be removed from the team. There is no “I” in team and actions like this will be hurtful to the team because follow-on actions by the NCAA will hurt the team if the player is penalized with suspension for such a stupid, individual stunt just to try to show someone up and get an all important self photo-op. Hey, dumb ass, you are not a team player. Fallout is coming forth so enjoy your stupid mistake.

    Hopefully, the NCAA, the league, and the school will punish this idiot! By the way idiot, do you attend class or just play BB? Do you particpate in class and engage in discussion about life, and the do’s and don’ts, or can’t you see that far ahead.

    • mike

      god you are a pu$$y. He will not get in trouble

    • Lector

      Spoken like a person who never played a sport, whether on a team or as an individual. Where do you think we got the term “gamesmanship”? Brown just “poster-ized” the guy who was supposed to be guarding him, the same guy who fouled him on the way to the hoop, and you think BROWN should be penalized? The “intimidation” happened when Brown fed the defender a Spalding Burger. not when Brown stared at him.

      Rule 10, Sec. 5, Art. I(b) requires a gesture or a taunt in order for a technical foul to be called in these circumstances. There was neither. Learn the rules.

    • doug

      There might not be an i in team but theres a, m and e. You must of never played sports. Anybody who thinks he should of got the T must be missouri fans…yal will get over the defeat soon lol. I would of gave him the stare down too after a posterized him but he didnt say anything or make any gestures so its a horrible call

    • Justin Garner

      “There is no room in sports for intimidation; he or she who does it has no class and should be removed from the team.”

      Have you ever played sports? That is what THE GAME IS ABOUT! You want to have that mental edge over your opponent. You want to have that mental edge that I am better than the guy guarding me. That is what makes it SPORT!

      Your role know it, your mouth shut it! IDIOT!

    • bma

      This isn’t some little kiddie competition. “Intimidation” is, and always has been a major part in sports. A guy who can pull off a move like that deserves a photo op! The guy he stared at for 2 seconds should be happy he didn’t get embarrassed all the way back down the floor. Would you have prefered an apology for making the defender look like a chump? I think the guy showed great restraint actually not to say anything.
      I bet you think the guy on the end of the bench should have gotten a chance to play too.
      You have a wimp’s perspective and nothing more. What there is no room for in major sports is cry babies. So if the bad man who dunked the basketball scared you and threatened your way of life…go cry with the guy he posterized.

  • Pump

    Wild guess……the ref gave him the 2nd tech because of what he SAID, not the look her gave the guy he just posterized.

  • Oneil Waller

    what planet are you on, “no room for intimidation.” you think people were’nt intimidated by Michael Jordan, its part of the game. name one sport that doesnt involve intimidation…………. tick tock, tick tock…….thought of one yet. That was a good play, excuse me, that was a great play!

  • cmw

    totally lame call, that “stare down” lasted a couple seconds, he wasn’t standing over him, taunting or anything. And if looking at each other is grounds for ejection, I guess the opponent should have been dismissed as well, since he was staring right back

  • whoknows

    Sorry no one comes to a basketball game to watch the ball get passed around and then a simple shot. They come to watch some player get embarrassed, whether it be from getting dunked on or getting his shot blocked. So Edward Franklin you might want to go back 30 years because the game has changed and you obviously havent.

  • doug

    That looked like a good jam to me. He posterized the defender and got fouled but he still got the T. Emotions were goin he was hyped they were about to beat the number 2 team.I think they should get rid of all refs and hire new ones for all sports. Too many contriversal calls ruining games.

  • jack rogers

    I am 63 years old and did play college basketball at the NAIA level. What a terrible call. These days, all the joy of almost every sport has been taken away by the “dogooders” that just don’t get it. The rules and regulations are put together by people that probably don’t know the difference between the front and back of a jock. You want intimidation, go play on the streets. What he did after a great play is nothing. Look how quick the ref. gave the technical. Can there be any doubt he was waiting on the opportunity? Not in my mind.

  • Kenneth Wills

    Bad call. Very bad call. Do you have any idea how many times I have done this myself playing basketball? It’s part of the mental component of the game. Now, taunting is another story. This, hell no. That’s the game, not to mention, he was fouled on the way to the basketball. That would automatically draw the stare from me, after I plow through your horrible defense and smack one down on ya.

    On the flip side, I have been on the receiving end just as well. To me, the stare means I had better get my game on if I want to compete with the fool that just dunked on me. I have never felt taunted, but always felt challenged to raise the level of my game. That is what the stare is all about.

  • Ron

    The Ref couldn’t believe what he just saw. If you look closely the center for Missouri stared at the guy that got dunked on.