Terrell Suggs, obviously still upset about yesterday’s loss to Patriots, gets into a small verbal scuffle with Skip Bayless on ESPN 2’s First Take this morning.  The two have had noted “beef” over the past year and today seemed like the culmination.  Skip is known for poking and prodding people to get a rise out of them, and Skip got what he was looking for today.

  • Bayliss is a douchebag. But Sugg’s was being to nice. He should have added. uninformed, bad writer, all-a-round bag of @&%$! So I hope they keep him on ESPN the worst sports network on the planet…

  • Mike M.

    Skip Bayless is a douche bag, it’s his schtick. The basically is just on ESPN to get people to argue. If they were talking about the color of the sky he’d tell you it’s not “blue” just so he could argue with someone.

  • Kelly

    ummm… he IS a douchebag. Terrell was just stating the obvious.

  • Hey Suggs should be up for an award. This guy can be a Douchebag it is about time someone let him know what they think.

  • david carver

    bayless cannot go to any game in any sport he would be in imediate danger and would the secret service to protect. I still remember he called kevin johnson a rapist and he had the wrong person and refused to recant. Suggs should sack him.

  • All I know is that the Baltimore Ravens were robbed by the NFL officials. They always had preference for NE. That pass that was cough in the end zone was a touchdown for sure until the other guy stripped the ball from the receiver. How long a receiver needs to hold the ball for a TD? His two feet were down and he had possession of the ball. Why the officials waited too long to allow the NE defender to stripe the ball? As always, The Patriots, Brady, and the super wealthy Mr. Kraft have special treatment from the league. Why the referees did not review the winning TD for Baltimore? Aside from that coach, Harbough acted retarded and cost his team the defeat. Rush the kicker, having an extra time out?

    • That’s a typical comment from a losing Ravens. Blame it on everybody else. His 2 feet weren’t down Einstein. You ought to be a coach with all your brilliant observations that were gotten from “other people” Mr. Parrot. Preference my butt!! You’re losers and you always lose in the big game. Pittsburgh should have been there if it weren’t for a lucky pass with 8 seconds. They win big games and the Raven lose big games. – Case closed. One other thing, your English and grammar suck. That was cough SIC in the end zone??? Go back to grade school!!!

    • Bob

      Antony obviously you don’t know the rules about a complete reception you have to plant both feet in bounds in order to be considered complete well he had one foot and the ball was knocked ot before he dropped his other foot Check the replay it is right there in all its color and the rules are stated . Further more all receivers know when you catch the football in the endzone with coverage around you , you are supposed to drop to the ground immediately listen to what Cris Carter said on ESPN. It was not eleigible for review as it was not considered a touchdown and the rules say in order to get automatic review it must be a clean catch which it was not . Rules Rule Rules and the big reception by the Ravens showed that his foot was out at the 30 yard line the one that the receiver ran in for a touchdown. If Baltimore figured that the catch was a touchdown why NO challenge because Harbaugh new it wasn’t a catch. Please grow up and be a man about losing I agree that Brady sucked Sunday but the Pats Defense beat the ravens offens all day long.

    • nemo

      Ravens can sugg it.

    • Evans didn’t have full possession of the ball. He DID NOT get both feet down & maintain complete possession of the ball. It’s the rule. Do you remember the Calvin Johnson TD that got called back cause the ball hit the ground even though Calvin held onto the ball.


    Skip did a good job calling Suggs the ghetto Thug out. So happy to see him and that punk murderer ray lewis sent home. good riddaance to rubbish. Suggs should spend some of his money to get his ubangi lips reduced in size.

    • Okie22

      SkullTaker, your comments are ignorant and make everyone on this board worse off for having read them. Any competitor, which I’m sure you aren’t or have never been, would be intense about losing the chance to go to the Super Bowl. As for his looks, lets see your mug. These are men are modern day gladiators who are highly paid and reducing their life span with every down. Not hiding behind their fluid stained keyboard spilling bile. Grow up.

    • johns

      Skull taker: Right on the nose buddy!!! Thank God half the team are pro football players. If they weren’t the Thugs would all be in jail!!!!

    • johns

      Skull taker: Right on the nose buddy!!! Thank God half the team are pro football players. If they weren’t the Thugs would all be in jail!!!!

      • don

        You mean “thank God half the league”

    • The Baltimore Ravens out played New England period, like it or not. Decisions made during the game by Harbaugh leave me wondering sometimes. But now the game is over and done with. Why are you so angry to the point of calling people names are you that jealous? Win or lose these men make a ton of money…think about it.

  • Actually, Suggs did NOT call Bayless a “douchebag”…..what he said was “Dont be a douchebag.” At least be accurate!!!! Damn!


    The only douche bag is ghetto Thug Suggs and his big ass Ubangi lipps, enjoy watching the game from your TV punk.

    • Uradouche

      I dislike the Ravens very much, but Suggs is right, Bayless is a douche and so are you, douche.

      • mean gene

        hey listen tha ravens did not finish tha game tha way great teams do!! end of story so many mistakes end of story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      SkullTaker – why don’t you just take the next emotional step in your heart and call him a “jungle bunny”. You are right there. It has been my experience that people like you are cowardly and would only make such comments when they are safe from the “butt kicking” response that you deserve.

  • ProPoke

    Calling Skippy Bayless a douchebag is an insult to the word. He should have said “Don’t be a Skippy Bayless” as that is just below pond scum.

  • Danny

    So, what did the player say that wasn’t true?

  • LittleIndian

    Skip Bayless is known to tempt anyone and everyone into verbal spats. Terrell Suggs is also known to have a temper. Put those two together and this is what you get…. It has been, still is, and will most likely always be athletes vs. media.

  • Kyle

    Suggs should be commended for how he handled this antagonistic line of questions. Its one thing for Bayless to talk trash before the game, but its classless to get in someone’s grill after such a devastating loss. Suggs manned up by even being on that show in the first place. Keep the tone professional when someone’s smarting from a loss. Bayless is a clown. Well done, Terrell!

  • Jim

    Too bad, once again a Steeler fan opens mouth and removes all doubt about how much they whine when they lose. Take a tip from your own Coach Tomlin and show the class he exudes during both losses and wins. Suggs could have taken the higher road but still he only made a correct reference to the flawed character of a conceited little man named Skip Bayless.

  • angelab

    @skulltaker…ur an ignorant @ss!!! Making fun of someones mouth??? R U serious??? What does your BIG mouth look like??? Cheers to Suggs for telling the other “BIG MOUTH” what needed to be said!!! And who proved Ray Lewis to be a murderer??? Where do u get your info?? Also the officials ALWAYS take something from the Ravens…NEVER FAILS…I think they are actually used to it by now…..THEY DID A GREAT JOB OVERALL and SHOULD BE PROUD OF THEMSELVES!!! Glad them Pittsburgh “STEALERS” were OUT LONG AGO!!!

    • johns

      Once again a Raven fan shows their true ignorance, just as most losers do!! How many Super Bowls did Baltimore win??? The Pittsburgh (Stealers – SIC) have won 6 if you haven’t checked lately!!!! You might have another in another 20 years, but your “old” players won’t be able to walk much longer. Doesn’t Ray Lewis get SS next year?? Another play off appearence – ANOTHER LOSS!!!

      • don

        Baltimore has only had the Ravens franchise for 15 years or so. Pittsburgh for decades and 66% of Superbowl victories were in the 70’s. Old players retire and are replaced with the youth. You state little sense of reality. The Ravens improve every year. Losing Lewis and Reed soon probably will not reduce victories. They were 4-0 with Lewis not playing this year and Reed played hurt all year.

      • wow

        wow if u think ray lewis will be getting ss your plain retarded

  • Stephen

    I have a new found respect for Suggs that was fantastic.

  • Actually, Suggs did NOT call Bayless a “douchebag”…..what he said was “Dont be a douchebag.” At least be accurate!!!! Damn!

  • John Verderosa

    That ESPN is willing to have Bayless on their network tells you all you need to know about ESPN and Bayless, too. Brainless is there to badger guests and incite controversy. He’s perfected his craft quite well. Anybody who agrees to come on that show has to know that Brainless will be looking to touch a nerve that ignites a spark. When Bayless does that, the producer nods in approval and the ratings go up. As for Suggs, his performance the last two games is indefensible. He was missing in action against the Texans and again last Sunday against New England. He was easy pickings for Brainless. Suggs would do better to crawl in a hole ’til it’s time to report for off season conditioning.

  • J Henry

    I had no preference who won this game, just wanting to watch a good ballgame, and don’t know if the ravens got robbed, and frankly do not care.

    What I do know and care about is it’s about time someone called out Bayless on being a douchebag. And that was polite…

  • Mongo

    Did Suggs even play in the AFC Championship game?

  • Raiman1

    Suggs said, don’t be a douchebag. He didn’t actually call him one. But he should have. Did he think he was having another “cute” argument with Steven A. Smith? The two of them have the most fake arguments on television. I stopped watching because they’ve turned their segment into a soap opera for men.