According to, the 2013 Winter Classic will be an original six matchup between the Detroit Red Wings and the Toronto Maple Leafs to take place at Michigan Stadium. A source has been quoted as saying that the two teams have finalized a deal, though no official announcement is expected before February. This will be the sixth consecutive Winter Classic, but the first time a Canadian team has been included in the annual event.

The Red Wings played in the 2009 Winter Classic against the Chicago Blackhawks, where they were victorious by a score of 6-4. There is no huge rivalry between the two teams at this point, considering they are in different conferences and only meet once a year, but the matchup is likely to be hyped up by another riveting HBO 24/7 series. Toronto GM Brian Burke said that he wouldn’t allow his players to be featured on the show unless it was mandated by the NHL, which it absolutely should be. The series has led to a growing interest in not only the Winter Classic itself, but the sport of hockey entirely. The game is expected to take place on January 1st, but there is still a considerable amount of time between now and then for all of the details to be finalized. It should be a fun one.