It looks like there will be a little Cutler running around in the near future.  The Chicago Bears quarterback and his fiance announced to PEOPLE magazine today that they are expecting their first child.  Kristin and Jay had been engaged in April of 2011, but they called it off a few months later only to reconcile in November 2011.

“We are thrilled to announce we are expecting our first child together. It’s an amazing time in our life and we can’t wait to meet the new addition to our growing family.” Kristin, 25, and Chicago Bears quarterback Jay, 28, said in a statement.

We wish them both the best and a successful pregnancy for Kristin.


  • This relationship seems doomed to fail, but now that a child is involved I wish them the best.

  • gretchen

    See what happened with all that time off????

  • ron

    wish themthe best!

  • Jay & Kristen congratulations. I hope Jay can get back to be the Qrtrback for the Bears as I miss them in the playoffs here in Florida. Without you they do not have a chance. We need you back my man.

  • Beardown

    Good thing Jay didn’t quit on Kristin and take the rest of the year off. One of the few times he’s finished “the season”.

  • Doug

    I smell a trap…

  • master yoda

    Jay got played. Get a paternity test.

    Maybe when the kid is 5, he can be the ring bearer at your wedding.

    Note to Kristin: In a few years time, this guy will be unemployed and will remain that way for the rest of his days. Bad choice!

    • grfg8r

      Master Yoda,

      Although JC may not be what he thinks he is @ QB, he did graduate from Vanderbilt. Don’t think he’ll be unemployed long. What college of higher learning did you graduate from?

    • jc

      Unemployed? Wow do you know something we don’t? Are the Bears going to cut him, and he’ll be out of football? Yeah I didn’t think so stupid comment stop hating, and move around slacker backer.

  • Dave

    They’re having a baby and they’re not married yet?????? Whatever happened to the old-fashioned morals that made us stronger???? Tsk tsk

  • roy

    Seeing as they are both women, who is carrying the child?

  • Thought you had to have balls for that….

  • unbeable

    This is not a great idea she had documented drug and alcohol use on her reality show, well should I say very small part.on a reality……….and she has slept with half of California dude run don”t walk run.

  • vincenzo

    Great news. Happy for them. Wait and see, this will help him as a pro.

  • Congratulations to each of them. Commitment to a baby–third member of their relationship ought to bring fortht the values that their parents instilled in them as youth.

    Vanderbelt University, a traditional Catholic institution, will encourage Jay to do the “right thing” with Kristin and for the baby. That is: after pro-creation there is responsibility to education their child. And, both Chicago and the Bears organization ought to support and
    encourage Jay and Kristin to build a respectible family.

  • martin OBrienn

    Oh the silly player and he not even married , but give him credit for geting the ball between the posts this time , hard to know who is screwing who on this occasion , time will tell , who came out on top, and of course the news media had to be in the bedroom watching , those silly people

  • RLR

    Must be a “grudge baby”! Someone had it in for him. Everyone knows he doesn’t handle balls too well!!

  • james edwards

    Peppers….Where did you get the “strange” idea that Vanderbilt University was a traditional Catholic University, Methodist…maybe, but come on man, it is in the south and there ain’t too many “U’s” or collages, in the south, that are traditionally Catholic.

  • Dt

    Jay and Kristin,

    Congrats to both of you. I’m a big fan of both of you guys, and wish you both the best. Jay get those bears to the super bowl next year. You can do it. Work hard and you will see big succes in the future.

  • moskii58

    it seems this woman has been in desperation mode for awhile..probably to be married and have a baby as well, but more than that she wanted to marry well and that she did…or will very soon I should say..hmmm whatever it takes…