The first Kobeliever t-shirts surfaced last week after Bryant buried the Phoenix Suns in what some consider his first real appearance of the season.  As he proceeded to dominate both the Utah Jazz and the Cleveland Cavaliers, some entrepreneurial Lakers fans jumped on the Kobe train in a big way.

The fans created a line of clothing branded “Kobeliever” with one major twist.  The real hook for us is the website’s Kobeliever Buy-Back Guarantee which allows qualified customers to return the shirts for a refund if the Lakers don’t win the 2012 NBA Championship.  That’s a risky bet when you consider the Lakers’ current record of 10 wins, 5 losses, but maybe a little faith is just what this franchise has been looking for?

Its no doubt been an exciting season for Los Angeles basketball fans as Chris Paul and Blake Griffin have been running Lob City for the Clippers and in the process taking down the Lakers in their recent 102-94 victory.  Most seasonal Laker fans were quick to jump ship when they saw this duo in action, but its nice to know that the majority of the city still stands behind the boys in the purple and gold.

Given the odds to win the title this year, I have no problem throwing down some cash for a Kobeliever shirt.



  • Kobe Fan

    Been a CosbySweaters fan for few months now, but been a Kobe fan for 15+yea of thers. So I was fired up when I found the kobeliever link on your site, went ahead and ordered the shirt. Cool idea, great shirt & I was all excited to rock my new gear….until just now when I checked their site, looks like its down.

    Whats up with all that? Any chance someone on the CS crew knows what the deal is – is their site 1)down cuz of all the awesome traffic 2) shut down for some copyright infringement type shit or 3) shut down cuz the owner is laughing all over South America with all the cc #’s they jacked from serious lake show fans like me?

    Any help would be much appreciated!

    Rock on CS