Florida State was absolutely crushing the number three ranked University of North Carolina 90-57 with just over 14 seconds left in the game, and the FSU coach came up with a smart idea.  Seminoles head coach Leonard Hamilton met with UNC head coach Roy Williams near the scorers table and suggested that Roy send his players to the locker room early to avoid the thousands of FSU students and fans who were preparing to storm the court.  Roy WIlliams agreed and sent all but five of his players to the locker room.  True to form, the students and fans rushed the court, and the decision to pull the players early was definitely the correct one.
[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCKwrBQUowQ[/youtube]

via Business Insider

  • Mitt

    so Roy Williams left his 5 walk ons on the court and walked out on them. Nice coach…..what a loser……

    • Chris Kelly

      I cannot believe that Williams pulled his team off the court and they all went to the safety of the locker room except for leaving 5 players on the court. That is like the captain leaving his sinking ship. Brutal!! He should have at least stayed out there with the 5 players.

    • G

      The seminoles coach suggested that he took his team off the court and you call Roy a looser? Thanks for the royal a$$ whoping, they needed that. Same scenerio last year at Georgia Tech, hopefully they will wake up and start playing some real ball.

    • Winner

      i agree…. he is a total loser

  • ^^^THIS GUY^^^

    So, after reading the paragraph above the video, you come up with Roy Williams being a “loser”…what a tool…smh

  • Winner

    Roy is a frickin wimp for taking his players and he is a total jerk for leaving the walk-ons on the court to get destroyed

  • linda barkley

    Roy, you were a scared!

  • Tom

    They were REALLY told to leave because….wait for it…..they STUNK up the place !

  • Brice

    I generally cheer for whoever is playing North Carolina but in this case, I have to give Roy credit for thinking of the safety of his players. To the fans thay stormed the court . . . act like you’ve been there before! That is about as childish as it gets. When a class program wins, they don’t “storm” the court. What does that say about Florida State?