The folks at United Airlines in Denver were pretty excited to see their Broncos take down the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Wild-card game last Sunday. They were so excited that they decided to have a little fun at the Steelers’ fans expense and put up the following on their flight’s information board:

  • Tebow sucks. Next year he will win 2 of the 6 games to start the season. By the end of the season he will be the backup. I swear. If there was actually jesus phuckin’ christ, he’d be sick of Tebow. Pat Robertson started worshiping satan(just as fake god) because he didn’t want to be associated with that bullchit.

    • Ray

      Dude, you are such a hatter! Seriously , hell is no fun! Thats where you will be when you die if you do not recieve Jesus as your Saviour. I’m quite sure that you have heard that many times. Whats your faith in? Who do you live for? Did you know that you are spiritually dead! Living only to satisfy your own desires…….. I feel sorry 4 u!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BIG C

      i’m not a broncos fan by any stretch, but right now is not next year, he’s rolling, and next year is no guarantee Jesus don’t have a middle name, and He and God, His father are very real, as a matter of fact, they’re ONE.

    • Jim

      Damien you forgot your 666. Loosen up a little there buddy it’s just a game.

    • mike

      nice and stupid

    • steve

      duche bag

  • jeff

    i live for my children not jesus.

    • villian157

      Thats unfortunate that u put ur children before God. Your children cant help you when u die. What would happen to your child if he/she were to die suddenly? Would u accept that they go to heaven, because God says the children belong to Him and are merely entrusted to us. Or would u tell everyone your child is dead and is now just rotting for worm food?
      God first, others second, self third. If you live for God, your children will reciprocate and be blessed far beyond anything you could give them in this world.

  • St Augustine

    Tebow is a fraud and after a little while it will come out. He is no angel even though he is using god as a media outlet. The boy smoked weed, drank and took funds from fla university before going there. ANYONE who went to allen d nease high knows this. Plus he illegally obtained his HS diploma. He was not suppose to go to a school in a diff county.
    I laugh at all these people falling in love with half a player. What has he really done? Nothing but lie.

    • Christian

      Dude never said he was perfect. He NEVER talks about himself.

    • Grego

      Everyone has a past. Thank God there is forgiveness by the blood of Jesus. Something you know nothing about but there still is time for you to repent and receive. We bless you and say Father forgive them for they know not what they do.

    • villian157

      LOL @ St Augustine… ur hatred is swelling. Maybe you will be suprised to learn he didnt go to school at Nease, he just played on the sports teams. Homeschool is not an illegal HS diploma, but I guess u werent taught the difference in government school. He and his mother moved in order to play sports at Nease, because they allowed open participation.
      He’s not a fraud, and no one is an angel, we are ALL sinners, none better than others. Tim is genuine in his reverence for God and maybe over time you will overcome ur issues and see that.
      You can try to pull his reputation down to your level to make yourself feel better, but in the end, those who know him can clearly see your just hating on him out of jealousy.

  • Jake

    Funny stuff!
    I too am no Broncos fan, but those hating on Tebow here are hilarious — envy is a green color, and you guys must look like lettuce heads. Tebow may be so-so as a QB, but he sure is sticking it to a lot of the haters, . . . Pittsburgh included.
    And that, is a good thang.

  • brigchaser

    Too much media coverage has caused the Tebow kneeling thing to become what it is. For decades, baseball players have been crossing themselves prior to ‘at bats’ and when they cross the plate, but nothing is made of this. If the media back off and the ‘UN’ religious as well as religious enthusiasts just remember it is sports and sports media, this issue may go away…but probably not.

  • mtpockets

    i like tebow, he’s real,and the controversy inre: to his faith is refreshing compared to others,dogfighting,murder,drunk driving homocide,shooting oneself…..and on and on….one has to admit that he is a step up….however the posting in the airport was bad karma, and my pats will swallow them up

  • Al

    What a sorry string of comments! With all of the really important stuff going on in the real world, as well as the world of sports, this crap about Tebow and God is just sick. Guys, get a life, and ignore Damien. By the way Damien, is your middle name Lucifer?

  • Inconvenient Truth

    First of all, give Tebow credit. Critics have been saying all along that Tebow sucks and that he won’t make it in the NFL. Well I think he has proven most wrong by leading his team to a wild-card win over the top rated defense in the whole league and to a divisional playoff berth. Tebow may not be Tom Brady or Drew Brees with an ability to throw for 300 yards a game each time, but he has proven to be a leader and winner.

    As for the God speak, those who criticise are ignorant. Find out what you are talking about first before you post your propoganda. @St Augustine…he smoked weed and drank? Did you ever see him do that with your own eyes? Have you ever done anything wrong? This situation kind of reminds me of the story of Jesus when he defended the prostitute. Everyone had something bad to say about her but they had just as many sins to hide if not more and Jesus exposed them for what they really were. You see that is the beauty of Jesus Christ, he died for our sins. You can drink and smoke and if you ask the lord to forgive you, he will. The church is filled with sinners who drink, smoke, and prostitute. Jesus will answer the call if you reach out to him regardless of your past.

    @Jeff…if your children are that important, you might want to consider teaching them about Jesus Christ.

    I’m not trying to be ultra-religious here but you non-believers should really wake up and educate yourselves. Jesus was real. It is history. There have never been more books written about one person than Jesus. You can question if he was really the son of God but the truth is he did in fact exist. Everyone from the Jews to Muslims recognize his existance but most question who he actually was. The Apostle Paul was a member of the Zealot Party and intensely persecuted the followers of Jesus, that was until he was visited by the resurrected Jesus Christ. At that moment, Paul converted to Christianity although he knew that one day he too would be persecuted for following Jesus.

    I once did not believe but I have seen God at work in my life just as the Apostle Paul did (no i wasn’t visisted by Jesus). If you have faith and call out, he will reveal himself to you. If you have fealt God’s presence in your life, you haven’t asked for it.

    Tim Tebow is doing exactly what God wanted him to do and what Jesus would have done. He was given a platform by God to preach the existance of Jesus Christ our savior. You know you are right, Tim Tebow is a sucky QB but with God’s help, a sucky QB can win!

    • Inconvenient Truth

      *correction* if you have NEVER fealt God’s presence…

  • Mizzlani Tha Kang

    Seriously? Wow I’m not a Denver fan and I have to admit Tebow irritated me in college because they always won, but the man has talent. He has skills. He’s proved a winner at every level. Let him play ball. It’s funny to me people bringing up people’s pasts and all. For what gain? So you can be on tv and try to put him on blast? WOW! Let him be who he is flaws and all and do what he loves to do…..Faithfully serve God and play football. Seriously the issue over religion is ridiculous! Because he loves God and says so people are all mad about it. Let him be himself. You can talk about where he will do next year and crap. They said not a 1st rounder, done. He can’t be a starting qb, done. He can’t win a playoff game especially against the vaunted Steelers, done. Nobody who has ever been on this earth has been perfect, except Jesus, so unless you are Jesus, you might wanna watch who you put on blast, because your record is prolly not as clean as your ma’s kitchen floor. Go Hard Tebow do your thing!

  • Big Daddy606

    This statement goes for any and all players, if you give them the opportunity to shine , they will gain confidence and will beat you. Have we not learned from UCONN vs . GEORGETOWN – NCAA Basketball finals ? DOUGLAS vs. TYSON – Boxing ? The opportunity was there and he took it.

    If you want my opinion….the Pittsburgh Steeler Coaching Staff got OUTCOACHED before they were TEBOWED!!! No pass rush, not BLIZ BLUFFING and dropping back shown to him and no different looks.

    It is time for LEBEAU to go (how old is he……120 ?) but the bad thing is that I heard that the former Tampa Bay head coach might get the job. know that Tomlin wants that 4-3……and not the 3-4. So goodbye to Farrior, Foot, Harrison, in addtion to CASEY BIG SNACK Hampton, A. Smith and the BEARD. !!

    Now we will see if Tomlin can REALLY Coach. He was just in for the ride when they one the last SUPER BOWLS !!!