The American spotlight at Everton’s match against Bolton on Wednesday was supposed to shine on Landon Donovan, the U.S. World Cup star who returned to the English Premier League club on short-term loan from the Los Angeles Galaxy. Donovan played all 90 minutes and performed well, particularly in the first half, but compatriot Tim Howard received the primary attention.

The veteran goalkeeper scored from about 100 yards, a 63rd-minute clearing effort that was aided by fierce winds before taking an unexpected hop over Bolton counterpart Adam Bogdan. Bolton responded, however, beating Howard in the 67th and 78th minutes to earn a 2-1 victory at Everton’s Goodison Park

 in Liverpool.GOTD: Howard scores amazing Goal

  • greg burns

    Pulling this video is just another reason real men don’t watch soccer.

  • Christopher M Smith

    Smart move by the EPL making sure this video is taken down. They wouldn’t want to promote the the game or the EPL in the US.

  • Works

    It is working.

  • Ricardo

    real men dont watch soccer? go to any country outside the US and say that to any FOOTBALL fan.
    I know in the US “real men” prefer to see mens grabbing each other… That’s not even remotely gay…

  • Wil


  • Wil

    I love soccer and yes i am a real man, a football player said to my face that soccer was for pu#$ys and i had to show him who the real man was but it did help that i have a 3rd dan blackbelt.