The Heisman trophy winner, Robert Griffin III put on a pretty great display of talent during a first quarter TD run against Washington in the Alamo Bowl.  Robert Griffin III broke thru a three-man sack and ran for a  24 yard touchdown in spectacular fashion. We hope that when the Cleveland Browns (we believe) pick RG3 in the upcoming 2012 NFL draft, they will be able to exploit his deep arsenal of talents.  Enjoy the run, and get ready to see a whole lot more of Robert on Sundays this upcoming fall.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

  • pacomartinez

    amazing! Truly amazing AND nobody ‘complained’ that RGIII ‘Tebowed’ in the end zone after that thouchdown run of 24 yards with :48 left in 1st quarter.
    There are many more believers in the college football ranks and NFL football than the adversaries lead one to believe.
    GREAT JOB RGIII but stay for your senior season.


    Yes, the run was good and the “Tebow” apparently is the gesture of the day! But this pandering to Griffin (RGIII) is getting beyond sickening! Why isn’t anyone reporting the fact that the losing QB (Price) from the Huskies threw for four TD’s and ran for three others. It’s about time the West Coast got a little more respect from the media in this country!

  • Yes, more attention should be paid to other deserving QB, especially when in same game, but don’t blame others when his team fan & media bases do not pay him/them any attention, as for “The Tebowing”; it will disappear one day when something more appealing happens..

  • Mark

    Both teams had good offensive efforts and both defenses did pretty terribly. RGIII gets more attention, not because of this one game (this play is outstanding nonetheless), but because of the way he has been playing all season and all through his career. That is why he won the Heisman–another reason he gets the attention.

    As for RGIII “Tebowing” after the TD, it is what he does. Just check out this amazing 87 yard pass during the Oklahoma game: He threw 479 yards in that game and rushed an additional 72–including an awesome game-winning pass in the last 21 seconds of the game against the wind! Here is another great clip highlighting some of his great plays from the season and including at least one example of his version of the “Tebow”: