Charlotte Bobcats owner, Michael Jordan reportedly got engaged according to NewsChannel 36.

Charlotte Bobcats majority owner and NBA legend Michael Jordan got engaged over the Christmas holiday, a Jordan spokeswoman first confirmed to WCNC Thursday afternoon.

Several celebrity gossip websites reported MJ proposed to longtime girlfriend Yvette Prieto recently.

We are happy for one of basketball’s greatest to ever play.

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  • LOL

    Juanita # 2….She will take the rest of his money. LOL.

    I love MJ to death but what a Dumb AZZ. I hope he got a prenup.

    • I wonder if her real name is Digger?

      • bosshog

        lmao me 2……………….?

      • Call her what you want–M. Jordon was anxious to divorce his wife in order to use his money to buy white meat.Apparently an African- American woman is not what he wanted.

        • la micha

          He wants a cunt that smells better than you,nigah!

          • J. O

            la micha. You don’t have any respect calling anybody names like that. I don’t even know why they pobliside names like that. You sound like a real winner. M J congradulation to you and your bride to be. Please don’t pay-attention to idiots like la micha.
            Who cares about what color of skin we have.

          • smart guy

            J.O. Get a sense of humor. And quit crying. Race makes a huge difference in lots of things. If you can’t see that you are stupid. Also, are you really addressing Michael Jordan like he reads your lame post? You really are stupid.

          • Blocus

            Don’t hate idiot just congratulate

          • are proof..that dirt, trash and scum..not only hang around toilet bowls, they hang..right on..YOU!!!!!!!!!!

        • kcnor

          As long as you see people as meat there very little hope for you. Life moves on. Just wish people happiness. MJ and his first wife’s life changed so much. Everyone deals with it differently. So they didn’t stay together. White, black or whatever, Hopefully this time around he knows how to deal with his success.

        • H. Brown

          Many BLACK men go for whites because they “CAN CONTROL” them and

          NOT a Black sister.

          • kthurm00

            Really…..control them! Really! H brown, you obviously have a very limited exposure to races outside of your own. Last i checked, white women have the monopoly on getting paid from high dollar divorces! So go aheah and ask your Boss about his control over his ex-white wife. Control is the last thing he had. And that lonely black sista you’re talking about,…um yeah…her! Which one are you taling about? All flash no cash, butt’s and gut’s, or that educated SBW who has all the talents in the world but thinks no-one is good enough and her issh don’t stink. I’ve dated both ( i’m black) and control is taken by he or she who has the will to take it. Unless your in the Taliban and that’s for another story!

        • Blocus

          Please there is nothing about wite woman or black woman here and don’t try to make anything about it either . He chose to be with he want to be with and that’s it.
          Don’t hate just congratulate thanks.

        • afrosamurai786

          Of course he wants an “upgrade”. Most MEN after dating a black women will quickly upgrade to somehing else, mostly ASIAN or WHITE WOMEN.
          They treat their BLACK MEN with more femininity and reverence than black women.
          Fact is ALL women fall into a kind of “Auto Pilot” once they get married
          but women who are not black treat black men with more reverence
          and they are more enthusiastic lovers of our equipment.Whereas
          black women are more of a “Been there done that”. “don’t be dissin’ me”
          The quality of the relationship is better with Non-sisters

        • Props to MJ………Lets be real. The man’s got class, money and game.
          Who in their right mind wants to deal with haters, racists and a BWA(biches with attitude)…that would only be a NWA

      • cayerica

        Woman can never be a digger. It’;s always a man that digs a woman… get that?

      • peace6

        he’s not a stupid man. he knows what he wants and knows where it is!

    • Just like a black man with money giving it right back to the white man.I hope she soak you azz.if you had no money do you think she would want your black azz. Hell no you dumb n—–.

      • doc

        you mean another white woman being snatch
        up but a powerful black man! lol but hey bro don’t get mad because you can’t control your women lol score another one for the black man! lol

        • Tom

          Not for nothing but are there any quality black women for him. Are all the quality babes white?

          • rja

            Surprised that Kim Kartrashian didn’t go after him….girl do love the black magic stick

          • Joe

            That’s ALL it’s about with the DUMB WHITE TRASH, the MONEY & D#%K, if it was REALLY about LOVE we would see many more black women with white men!

          • jay


          • rj

            She’s not white. She’s Cuban.

          • Lillian Davis

            Michael looks old enough to be her sugar daddy. I guess the man wants some young stuff. Why not.

        • mj who

          black definetly powerful..not so much…she probably smells so bad rolling around with such fiflth no white guys want it.. shew we she stinks from here

        • jase

          White woman lol. You are quite stupid.

        • doc2

          The only women black men get are the big fat white women us white men don’t want. Don’t know what you’re bragging about.

          • King

            It’s so funny when white guys pull the racist card I swear. Everytime a white woman wants to be with a black guy theres something wrong with her. Thats like saying all white males penises are small. So if one is true then the other is as well. Guess thats why you don’t see too many black women dating white men? I really don’t care because I love every race. It’s what keeps this world interesting. I just don’t like haters but I enjoy making them mad all the same. ~peace!

          • ghtd


        • YB The Don

          Mike knows this young lady well enough to know that he wants her to be his wife. She’s a nice looking lady and seems to have a nice ora to her. Ya’ll stupid if you still think that RACE plays that big a part in 2012 as it did 10,15,20 yrs ago!!! Let it go assholes its over.

          A Black Man.

      • CLARITY

        Ha Haaaaaaaaaa . . . Wooh, Speak the TRUTH!!!

      • The King

        The girl is not even white. She is Cuban but I guess, Haters got Hate. Go MJ handle your business. I’m sure he has a prenup anyway.

        • CB

          Hey King, Cuban is a nationality not a race. They have Afircan European (white folk) and Native American decendents there. They hide information like this in books where it is safe from people like you.

          • YS

            lmfao @cb this dude tryna sound smart but in actuality nationality means the same thing as race. but i guess they hid that from you in that book you were mentioning earlier. lmfao smh

          • GP

            Hey CB dont think people like us dont read ! Get your mind right WB !

          • JO

            By strict scientific terms, there is really only one race. There’s not enough differences to actually classify three distinct races. That is left over from a time when racial prejudice swayed even the scientific community. So read even more books.

        • sonoio

          The King: So there are no white women in Cuba? You really have a deep understanding of human races. Get educated before you learn to hate people by the color of their skins. At least, you could get “some” credibility. My father italian, my mother Irish and was born in Argentina, and I’m white. How do you figure that Einstein?

        • Ramsey

          Who care she’s a gourgeous latina

        • MzRebe

          @ King ur comment is so very true, Haters will always be haters. And honestly what difference what color the woman is that MJ or any other Black Man wants to marry because the color of her or his skin is not going to make him or her a more faithful,honest,and only commit only to whom they are married to. And Nobody knows what the Real true issues that MJ and his Ex-wife went thru just because you read or heard it in the media the only people who really know is God MJ-his Ex and family.And for all of you idiotic people who makes everything about Race you all really need to Grow up, and maybe you all should stop and just listen to the stupid Ass comment that you going to say befor you post or even tell someone because i can Bet $$$$$ that if you just say the shiit in your head u gon say that is the DUMBEST SHIT I EVER HEARD & MAYBE JUST MAYBE YOU WON’T ACTUALLY SAY IT BUT I REALLY DOUGHT IT THO BECAUSE GOD MUST NOT HAVE CREATED EVERYONE WHIT COMMON SENCE ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER THAT TO SAY SOME OF THE DUMB SHIT THAT PEOPE SAY.. WITH THAT BEING SAID,YOU PEPLE WHO ARE SO NEGATIVE JUST REALLY SHOWS HOW JEALOUS YOU REALLY ARE BECAUSE YOU AREN’T & PROBALLY NEVER WILL EVER BE IN POSITOIN THAT MJ & OTHER CELEBRITIES & NONE CELEBRITES ARE IN SO YOU HAVE TO BE NEGATIVE…I HOPE MJ AND HIS FIANCE HAVE A BLESSED WONDERFULL MARRIAGE….

      • Mich Hollywood

        I don’t think she’s white, it looks like she’s latin.

        • t-mizzle

          big ups to Mike…she is a hottie…just hope you got a prenup

        • Skee

          What diffrence does it make what color she is? She looks like a fine azz latina to me. With a name like Prieto, I’m sure she is a latina. It’s really the same as a black woman. Just more sentiva, they where there hearts on their sleeves.

      • jlov

        u niggas are dumb founded shes cuban not white!

        • Eba

          Jlov, no one say niggas anymore exccept you white pinky piggy

    • pierre lebeaux

      yeah, but this is america. this is the land of the free. lots died for this. thank god.
      i can marry a giraffe if that’s what i like. maybe i could even get him to wear a tuxedo!! xxo

      • VERONICA

        Yeah pierre lebeaux! This is the land of the free… and also the land of the young whorish gold diggers too, that usually marry senior citizen’s if the price is right. And in this case…Oh yes…the price is right!

      • (sic)

        No Pierre…I think that’s illegal.

    • techman23

      He’s engaged dumb ass…….however before he does take a trip down that aisle he better have one than….

    • candycane

      Hey!! Do you people forget that we are all not pure white or pure anything? Americans are all mixed up. Are we all just that ignorant? Don’t you know that Love does not have a color? Obviously it doesn’t. People are people, all blood runs red. I know its a free country, but if you don’t have anything good to say, then don’t say anything. I think MJ’s wife to be is beautiful. I wish them the best. You have two good people who make each other happy. CongratS!

      • Corrector

        Actually blood runs blue in the body. It only turns red once it gets oxygen.

      • (sic)

        Don’t bother CandyCane, your wasting your time. Unemployment is at an all time high-they have nothing better to do.

    • Ruben

      MJ another fking rich idiot lost to the I have to much money disease to make good decisions …Why do people always want something that they know they can’t have..yes he can have her physically but will he have her heart? NO!Look how old he is she looks 20 times younger then him..Michael when are you going to learn brother money can buy you sex but it does not buy someone’s heart…find someone that is going to love you for you not for what you can buy 20 years when you’re ass is old and in a wheelchair you think this woman is going to be by you’re side? get real niggah! your eye’s and wallet are bigger then you’re common sense and rational thinking brother wake up and smell the new jordans!

      • (sic)

        Where the hell are you guys from? Or should I ask “What trailer Park are you guys from?” This is MICHAEL frigging JORDON!!! He’s a basketball GOD , no THE basketball God. Even IF he didn’t have more money than all you A*#HOLES could ever make put together, he could have ANYONE he wanted because he’s MICHAEL frigging JORDON. Your all just butt-hurt because you know the whore bag YOU sleep with would leave you in an instant for Mr. Jordon. But what really make’s you mad is that not only does his girlfriend give you a boner-but he does too. GET A LIFE! Like he cares what YOU think or IF you approve!

    • Dre’

      Wow- broke ass people got a lot of stupid s#$t to say! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Chuck

        They are all just jealous. I know I am. He’s rich and she is beautiful.!!!

    • It appears the readers here are all prejudiced idiots and racists! This couple chose to be together because they make each other happy. I think they are an attractive couple and I wish them a good life together. What woman wouldn’t want to be with Michael? Maybe if these readers got over their small mindedness they would have a chance to be happy themselves! Good luck Michael!

    • psalton

      Rich Black Man marries White women with no money, sound familiar. Tiger Woods, Barry Bonds, Michael Strahan, the list goes on……

    • teryr

      sounds like JEOLUSY to me

    • blackloogie

      haters all ofyou

  • May they have a long happy life together………………….

    • don

      at least 73 days worth


      Wow!! This news is not exactly surprising tho. However, I seen this young lady at the biggening of their courtship, and she truly looked full of life and selfconfident. What I see now on her…is a broken down young woman…sumisive to the black milllionare former basquetball player. It just a matter of time he’ll cheat on her (if not already). And she’ll go on second place to the groupies, whores that prowl around celebrities and very rich man, like MJ. Soon, probably she will become part of the cast BASQUETBALL WIFES reality show. You’ll see. If she was my daughter, NO WAY I would giver my blessing. If anything….I’ll say…..RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN MY DAUGHTER. It’s only and only for your best interest. You’ll thank me later.

      • Wise

        If someone is going to comment on another person publicly at least put the spell check on. Most of the comments are embarrassing because of the spelling and has to be read two or three times before you can understand what’s being said. Get it together!

        • peace6

          she might be from canada using the french spelling of B-ball.

      • nativearizonan

        Veronica: You seriously need to invest in a dictionary and have someone show you how to use it.

      • eba

        White guys cheatmore and far sneaky that black guy, clinton,shwateneggar etc.


      Hahahaha!!! In which world do you live man? It is time to land my man. Be realistic… It’s for sure is all about the money and fame. It has been for sure from the biggening tho. Come on!!

  • Sandy

    Marry MJ then take his money and run.

  • Michael King

    Prenup brotha’!

  • Robert

    Hmmm, hot , young white girl going to get the Jordon ‘Stick’ huh? White women love the NBA…………….. For their long ‘Schlongs’.

    • Shanda

      LOL good one

    • Shanda

      At least it wasn’t a Kardashian

      • Juan

        Amen yoo that!!!!!!!!!!

    • vincent

      and even bigger bank books

    • MOLLY


      • ed

        what the hell did you try to say……get back in school….learn a little more grammar before you try to converse outside the Hood. Dumb jungle primate.

        • tkdaman75

          That comment was about as transparent as your skin tone…

        • b love

          Thanks for that comment you must be our klu klux klan college professor , spell racist cracker

      • JJ

        Jack Johnson (afro) Heavyweight champ 80 years ago fucked much white pussy, no man had the balls to smack him.

  • cheryl

    Stupid is as stupid does….

  • Deezee

    She looks like she could be his daughter! Crazy old men.

  • Allen

    They are both adults. If he hasn’t learned by now, well….

    Best Wishes Mike.

  • Daniel

    Adulterer. Plain and simple.

    • RVGrandpa

      How can you say adulterer? He’s legally divorced. Let them alone.

    • dc lou

      One word. Fool!

  • Buster Hymen

    Hope he stuffs it right in her briefcase.

  • Mike

    Maybe it is love. Did you all ever think of that? So much negativety in the world.

    Whatever MJ does is his business. The negative people are full of misery they want to share with everyone else.

    Way to go Mike. Congrats!


    • Clarity

      Yeah, Congrats! But I’ll be sure to keep MJ away from my 18 year old daughter . . . . He probably has kids her age . . . but love is blind but I seriously doubt he would be marrying anything remotely wihtin his own race . . . even if she looked like Hallly Berry(Juanita), he’d feel that even high Yella was too good for his rusty aSS 🙂 CHeeze(All I can see is his teeth sittin’ next to the gold digga’ anyway?! So he would do well to close his mouth and not smile so much around “Christy Brinkey”

      • truth of chuck

        1st he’s smiling because all the black people r knocking each other out to buy His $180 shoes and $150 matching sweats

        2nd see above: he’s RICH and can buy any women He wants

        3rd reason made/paid Black men gravitate to other race women because- well read the post from the obvious Black women nuffsaid

        4th if He likes it I love it!!!

        • mike gruner

          go ahead michael you done good the best ever

    • Agreed. What is with you people? As for the black white thing, get over it! Did it ever occur to you that some people are actually color blind and these things don’t even occur to them. I say go head with yo bad self Mike. That woman is SMOKIN HOT. He has once again topped all of his peers. Would you people feel better if he stayed single or perhaps he should have picked someone less attractive or older??? Don’t matter who the woman is or what she looks like, she can still get yo stash in a divorce, so I say go for as hot as you can get and ride it till the wheels fall off. But I wouldn’t be so quick to judge a couple that you know NOTHING about. All you know is he is black with money and she is hot a white, and the ignorant in you only sees one outcome. Now I’m not saying that’s not a possibility, just saying that could just as easily happen with you and your spouse, except you ain’t got shit to take! LOL And that’s an assumption I make about all idiots, except Pauly Shore.

    • ronnee

      Exactly!!! I couldn’t agree more 🙂

      Jealous haters…and they wonder why their life is miserable…it all starts with your attitude!! You reap what you sow.

    • peace6

      comment of the day….maybe on the whole comment board!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gatorjoe2

    She will look good up there with Michael’s other trophies.

    • Kanshin

      Michael and Yvette,

      Ignore the haters.
      Enjoy your engagement and may you live a happy and healthly life together!


  • Dan

    MJ is the man and i wish him and his girl best of luck

    • Good comment and I totally agree. They look happy and God is our judge not man on the motives and reasons. He deserves another shot just like anyone and why not a pretty young sweet lady while he is at it? 🙂

      • Another shot at what?His grand daughter…He should just give her ,her half now and save himself from the embrassment later.He needs a better hobbie and not a bang job.She will be the death of him or better yet give him something to think about since his last wife didnt,that will fix his old azz or give it a heart attack.

  • why does rich black men (expecially sports men or boys)think they need white trashing women to complete their trophies case. if he could not control the black woman he let he is sorry son of a ….. to think he can control that white girl. they look good right now but when they get old oh OMG how ugly they look

    • Sarah

      She’s not White….SHE’S CUBAN!!!!

      • Hector

        You can’t be serious… In Cuba you’re either White or Black, there is no “box” for Hispanic or Latino. She’s White…

    • Dee

      She’s not white. Read the facts before calling someone white trash you racist.

    • Leo

      Because he surely wouldn’t want to marry a stupid illiterate black woman like you.

      • barb

        leo, your a dumb ass, you had to look illiterate up in the dictionary. Your probably one of those house negroes too.

        • pablo

          that’s dumb…to look up illiterate in the dictionary and do so successfully would suggest that he/she/it knows how to use a dictionary.

    • petra51

      I think your name should be Janet Black. You clearly resent white women just because black men prefer white women over you. So pathetic.

    • ronnee

      Control??? Is that what you think marriage is??? Do you know what year it is??? Why does color have anything to do with it?? I just got engaged to a wonderful black man…and I’m as white as they come!!!! Because we LOVE each other. I think these things may reflect some internal issues inside YOURSELF!!!

      Congratulations and BEST WISHES MJ & Yvette….for a life of happiness….IGNORE THE JEALOUS HATERS

      • ed

        ronnee……..fuck u and the black primate you sleep with.

        • JBruCrew

          You’re a primate Ed, with the way you are pounding on your keyboard. Is that the best you can come up with? A big F-U and a primate comment? Isn’t that some sort of hand me down racist talk from your great-grandpa? Relax, let it go. Maybe take an anger management class or two.

        • sunrize

          Ed! you must be living a measurable life, full of hate bigotry. How about you do yourself a favor and hang yoursel and be done with your pathetic life

    • ezleo

      News Flash Janet.

      World Class atheletes don’t chase trophys, they are presented to them. Their shinny, pretty, and make a naturaly competitive guy feel pretty damn good about himself. If he trades up twice in the next ten years he will still have more cash than you and me have made in our lifetime, times 1000. So stop player hateing and loose some weight..

    • Janet! their is not one single man that you have dated in your entire life who would pick you over MJ’S new Hottie and you know it.

      • Wake Up Call

        First of all MJ’s “hottie” is not that hot. She isn’t more attractive than Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Sanaa Lathan or any of the Kardashian sisters (even Khloe). She’s just a women who happens to be substantially younger than Michael Jordan.

        Second, if a disproportionate number of wealthy white male celebrities, politicians, business men and athletes began to prefer to marry black women, Asian women, Latina women or any other race over white women would you tell white women it was their bad attitudes, excessive weight and jealousy that caused white men to leave them for black women? Yet every time a black man chooses to marry outside of his race its the black womans’ fault.

        I used to become very upset about this until I dated a black man who “usually didn’t date black women”. He was the most insecure man I had ever been involved with and he had some serious issues with being a black man. So now when I see a black man married outside of his race I wonder if he has some similar issues and insecurities as well.

        Today, I’m happy to step aside and let white, Asian, Latina and a Kardashian woman have the insecure black men and leave the real black men for real black women.

        Congratulations MJ I wish you and you bride to be the best!

        • 4real

          Now that’s sayin’ somethin’!

          Unfortunately, many people have taken this story as an opportunity to display their absolute ignorance or maybe just their true identity that they have to keep hidden in this “politically correct” world where so many people who are racist to the bone are bursting for an opportunity to spew their venom on whomever they can, anonymously of course.

          Anyway, loved your comment about insecure black men. I have noticed that black men with overbearing, castrating, or difficult black mothers tend to gravitate towards white or Asian women. I have 3 uncles who were all married to white women and I think a lot of it had to with how overbearing and belittling my grandmother can be. Besides, it was the 70s when that type of thing was still taboo.

        • MzRebe

          Wake Up Call, Very well spoken. People really need to open up their minds instead of their mouth. Because a persons mouth can really make them look stupid and lack of knowing what really is going on just by the stupidity that came out of their mouth. You really said that so perfect but some people still won’t understand it even tho that is such a clear statement they still won’t have an understanding. Just false and negative issues and comments With this Powerful Black Man that wants to marry outside of his Race…

        • Woman Intuition

          Hellooo Wake Call!!!!

          Thank you for your honesty and perpective!

    • JBruCrew

      “Expecially”? Janet, are five years old?
      Also, there is mush jealousy and envy spewing from many of these feeble minded posts. And that is not even taking into consideration the racist idiots on here, all credibility is gone with those posts.

  • Jo

    Sugar daddy = cougar (a la Demi Moore)??? that is way too wide a difference in age to be true, she is very smart unless she has to sign a prenup doubt it though he is asked to believe that he is in heaven, beautiful young girl of 32 who does not want babies and is madly in love with this awesome guy (not for his money of course, but just because she loves 48 near to be 50 years old guy)?


      You are right on the money Jo!! Totally. Sadly…she is someones daughter…I bet those parents feel like trowing up!! Gross.

  • Raymond


  • Dave

    Oh Man Michael…. Just give her half of all you own now and save yourself some trouble. No wonder black women are angry.

  • To Ms. “Janet White”,

    Maybe you should try to learn some grammar before you start trashing white women. My 2nd-grader has more concept of punctuation!
    Shame on you for what you said. What a racist remark.
    Simply, SHAME on you

  • Olivia Ross

    Why are you people so negative you all should be congratulating Mike and his Fiance’ if she makes him happy and he makes her happy then be happy for them everybody is not out for money every woman that dates a NBA player or marry an NBA player is not a gold digger.

  • Pullitsurprize

    She already looks haggard..

    Happens to all whites who go with the missing links.

  • hustlelova

    andy kolcun: but she aint F ing wit a broke n—-a

  • maxine

    Racism did this to black people, always thinking white or anything near white is right we all know that. He is just another victim of this rascist society that makes black people feel an inferiority complex

  • That picture creeps me out . It looks like Jordan was asked to pose for a picture with one
    of his buddies granddaughter .

  • noel

    I certainly won’t support him anymore if he marries that white/latino chick. Juanita wasn’t light enough for him, he had to go all the way. Look at who he’s been with, certainly no dark-skinned women. It shows a lack of character in my opinion, in the end he’s no different from Kobe and Tiger, he’s just been able to hide it better. I won’t be spending my money on anything Jordon anymore. In five years half will go to the white chick. It may sound racist, but it’s racist that so many black women are without mates. The white man is not the racist enemy anymore, sadly the black man.

    • Ivan

      I actually think it’s the white women. I mean seriously, I’m a white guy and there are a lot of good guys out there that are lonely and are without mates, because a lot of these white girls are only after someone’s money. The media as well is trying to make it like the cool thing to do these days. I’m sick of it.

    • RollieJay

      Noel, I am wondering about your educational background. Because he choose to be with a white/latino, it shows lack of character? Yes, many black women are without mates primarily because there are not too many educated black men of good character out there to choose from. Prisons are overcrowded with far too many black men for drugs, armed robbery or muder. Do you know that more crimes are committed against blacks by BLACKS than any other race. WE as black people first have to learn to live with one another. The average black person hate to see another black person get along in life; they will laugh in your face and then stab you in the back. Also, far too many black women have too many hang ups….and yes, sadly enough its BLACK PEOPLE who are the racist enemy in this regards. Finally, everyone has his/her own preferences and prejudices, if yours is a black woman – good for you.

      • Soky

        I do agree with you, our nations prisons are filled with Black men and young Black men who have put themselves there by choice. I see too many Black women putting the blame on Black men when they choose other races. If you talk to Black men they will tell you that many Black women have too many hangups and are controlling. As women we need learn who to balance a relationship and treat a man right where he wants to come home. I wish the best to Michael and his girlfriend. She is old enough to make adult decisions and she will keep close tabs on her man.

    • ronnee

      What does color have to do with anything? You love someone for who they are, not the color of their skin. Maybe some people are attracted to people of another race. If black women are without mates, they are also allowed to marry inter-racially. Do you have any idea what year it is??? It’s not necessarily the white man or the black man that is racist….it’s people with thinking like yours!!!!

    • jk

      That hundred dollars a year you spend on anything jordan is really gonna hurt lol

    • ezleo

      I don’t think the black mail has abandoned black women by any means, I can think think of several black male successful athletes who have fathered half a dozen or so children out of wedlock with virtuous self respecting black women

      Want some ! Earn some!……

  • ABW

    Another black man who does not feel complete unless he has a white woman. Well, if black women are not good enough to date, then he does not need our money as well. No MJ anything will be in my household, especially since she is going to leave him and then our money will be going in her pocket.

    • crelodious

      First of all,black men don’t look at color. We just like women….ALL WOMEN!! Second of all,I see beautiful white women with average looking out of shape white men all the time. That’s why more white women have men, than black women.They go for substance,and stability,more than looks. Think I’m wrong,just go to the clubs,you’ll see 80 black women competing for the one or two “cutest” or” thuggish” looking guys or whatever it is that turn those freaks on.LOL

      • I agree black women have nothing to complain about, too damn picky. Even the ones with money, won’t give the struggling black guy a chance. They know they only date ballers and guys with money and good jobs. White women seem to give even the average guy a chance. A black woman would never date an average guy…..just my experience, take it or leave it……..

      • ronnee

        Thank you for giving us your viewpoint and your experience! It seems the only men that have commented up until now are the jolted, jealous ones.

        Maybe it’s just that some men, black or white, KNOW how to treat a lady. Others simply don’t.

        • Mo

          Wow, all this hate on here, just show congrads to these two and let them be, their business is none of ours, and more black and white hate, we really need to get with the times here and press on, im ashamed of my own race saying stupid racist things against other races and our own, im a black man and personally have dated all races black or otherwise because it was the woman that i liked not her skin color, and besides the only race that really matters and we all should really focus on is the human race!

  • Ms Patricia Lazenby

    I really don’t think we can judge Him for his actions, God shall judge us all very soon… I’d say this in regards to the individual that called him an adulterer to read what the word has to say about the matter. Lev 20:18 . Before Christ and grace was given after He went to the cross to bare our sins; The Lord HImself said “If anyone divorces his wife must give her a certificate of divorce. ” But I tell you anyone who divorces his wife, except for marital unfaithfulness, causes her to become an adulteress; and anyone who marries the divorce woman commits adultery.
    We can all be tempted to gain the whole world and lose our souls. May God be your guide Michael and truly your judge. Matt 5:31-32

  • livinsimply

    congrats…it is nice to find someone that you enjoy spending time with. hey, be happy that he has the courage to do it again.

  • carrington morris

    Best wishes for Mr Jordan and Ms. Prieto. Hopefully, this time around things will work out for all parties involved. Ms. Prieto has realized the American Dream; Ms. Juanita is happy with her relationship w/ her investment banker beau and hopefully remains on good terms with her ex, Mr. Jordan.

    Due to the current age differences between Ms. Prieto and Mr. Jordan, I hope he elects to get a pre-nup this time around. During his 17+ year first marriage, MJ and his ex Juanita came up from meager HS / College Beginnings all thru his storied NBA career. (No pre-nup at the time because who knew what a legend he’d become with time.)
    In a current world where the institution of marriage is either a rank joke, publicity stunt or not taken as seriously as it should- I wish Mr. Jordan & Ms. Prieto true happiness and lasting success. Forever’s as long – as it lasts.

  • Cheryl

    Michael looks too old to be with a girl that young and pretty. Makes him look even older….oh, well, i can only imagine that she married him for the REST of his money. Some men are shallow and Michael i am afraid, is one of them.

  • John Doe

    white woman’s anal destory by black man

  • Mzzr2u

    Not a MJ fan, so who cares. when you leave a sister who had your back all those years, what else can one say. what goes around comes around. The young girl isn’t getting much of a man, but she will get his money. So from one female to another you go girl.

    • jk

      Why comment if you don’t care and you know she had his back because??? oh a magazine told you so! you are a joke!!!

  • Lawrence

    It has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with controlling women. As a man who got married in his mid 30’s, for the MOST part white women treat their man better without the all the lip. Look at the NBA wifes (sisters), they’re embarrassing! I’m speaking as a black man married to a good black woman. Black women had better wake up because MANY good black males I know are fed up with black women and I think it’s sad.

  • barb

    I dislike all black men that are to stupid to uplift the black race. they continue to enhance every race lives but the blacks women. these type of men must hate thier mommas, to disrespect them by bring a another race to their homes. No one wants a black woman who do we have knowone yet our so called true brothers flock to other. I hope she take all that fool money, and when he is old and need help wiping his ass, she just through his old ass in the tub to sink, then spend all his money. I dislike blackmen that put other races above his own. yes, mike this means you and so many like you. i hope slavery come back and get your ass for even thinking about another woman other than a sister, Losers.

    • Ivan

      I agree with you. People regardless of their race are disgracing themselves if they date another race. The media has brainwashed the public to think that dating a different race makes you more accepting or something, or that it’s the cool thing to do. Look at the Kardashians, or I just saw the movie Columbiana, and little kids grow up and think it’s what they should do. Has anyone ever noticed that 90% of all interracial relationships involve a white women? And no I’m not racist towards whites, I am white, but it’s true, these trashy women go around ruining people’s lives, they don’t care about anything other than how much money a guy has, then they get married and take half of everything they have, they don’t care about themselves, they don’t care about their families, they have no morals or ethics, they’re just greedy bitches.

      • Bruce

        I would say that saying that people dating another race are disgracing themselves is a little much. I agree that some folks are into interracial dating simply for the sake of it but I think we must remember that involves mutlitiple groups. As a a black man I’ve met black women who refuse to date black men. Which is one reason why I find some of the comments by black women here so amusing. I agree that many white women are strictly about the money and wouldn’t look at a black man twice if he was not wealthy. But I am curious if an attractive black woman like some of the ones I’ve met refusing to date black men but who are all too eager to date a white man came expressing interest in you would you say that she is disgracing herself? This is not an attack just an observation I think you make a valid point about the white women but some of your argument is slighted one sided.

    • jk

      Read the garbage that you just wrote and then guess why
      know one wants “you” my black sister… Now go and write
      the word loser across your forehead in big letters and stop

    • ronnee

      Wow!!! You sound very angry and hurt. You probably want to read “Lawrence” comment and advice above. It’s the truth and could strongly affect your futture.

      Good luck.

    • dottie

      I agree, Most black men I ‘ve seen marry the most sluttiest, trashiest, nastiest white women, they don’t even care what the girl looks like just as long as she white. A lot of black men still have that slavery mentality , that’s all you hear these days especially in the music, all they talk about is about wanting a redbone or white, something other than black, which is a shame and a disgrace. And any man that has that type of mentality, I don’t even want. I rather date someone outside my race than to date a self hatred black man, white women can have them, I hate that I had to say it but these days it seems that more black men are turning against their own,and I don’t want a man like that. As a real woman like myself, I can make my own millions and don’t have to sleep with nor marry a man for money like these sluttiest broads that trying to wife up.

      • S Boneo

        keep the fear of child support outta nigga’s life. mofo’s mike stick around. due to the fact when a bitch start thinking about child support even before the child is born fucks up a marriage. its called, “an irresposible obssesion with immediate gratification.” black women be nicer and get to know your nigga, stop counting his money.

  • I was just thinking of the great MJ. To read later that he just got engarded. MJ if she loves you, she wouldn’t mind a “Prenup !. I hope this time you find happiness. But don’t forget the kids Mike, they will always love Dad.

  • Mr. perfect22

    I have watch M.J. sense 84. Jordan has been a winner and he will continue to win in all aspects of life. Black women you need stop hating and be happy someone find love even if you can’t…

    • Mr. perfect22

      It’s ashamed that people want to wish bad on a good person, and that they want see a person in financial hardship. Wow this is what our united State is made out of pure hateful. People we shouldn’t be like that,congratulation M.j.

      • rws

        sorry Mr. P. but the only thing Mj did good was play basketball. If you look at his personal life style, what do you see. An addicted Gambler, A Cheater to his family, should I go on? The man made a Vow, which is a godly act>

      • rws444

        Sorry Mr P, but the only good thing mike has done good was his job and he got paid very well for his talents. His personal life style is very dysfunctional if you ask me. Cheating & destroying his family. He made a vow, correct? Which is a Godly act. He was Addictive Gambler, still is! So should I go on? So if you take away his talents, what can you really get out of this person? He hurt alot of people including myself, I really like his performance on the court, but definitely not off the court, not a role model to our kids! I definitely had to comment (2).

  • AJay

    May they live happily ever after….for about 6 months is my guess. A whorish man is less than a man. He had a good woman, Juanita, but he wasn’t satisfied. Glad she had the good sense to drop him! I hope this one takes him for every penny he has. And she should have a baby for him. $$$ Arrogant A**hole!

  • I was just thinking of the great MJ. To read later that he just got engaged MJ if she loves you, she wouldn’t mind a “Pren-up !. I hope this time you find happiness. But don’t forget the kids Mike, they will always love Dad.

  • Don’t know what all the fuss is about. Be happy hes found a new mate. Don’t let the age difference bother you. My husband and I are 18 yrs. apart an we’ve been married for 30 wonderful years! Hopefully she will be your soul mate and you’ll have many years of happiness ahead.

    • Ivan

      It would be one thing if MJ was her first famous boyfriend but her last boyfriend was Enrique Englasias’s brother, she’s dating people for money and fame. How often do you meet famous people, let alone date 2 of them in your life

    • rws444

      bet you wouldn’t be saying that if you caught him cheating, then again!

    • rws444

      I guess you never have been cheated on? Then again! Things that make you say Hmmmm! Ms. Cindarella!

  • Leo

    Black, White, Pink, or Green, If it’s right for you, it’s really keen!! Accept for your Golf gambling, you show class on and off the court. Way to go Michael!! I wish I could find a classy lady like yours.

  • los

    Wow. sad comments people. We are all part of the human race. Be color blind and live a happy life.

    • ronnee

      I agree…thank you for your positive comment! People don’t realize they reap what they sow!

  • jk

    Easy to tell the black women on here and even easier to see why
    black men don’t want you all anymore. You dis the good brothas coming up becuz you want a “thug”… After the thug has used and abused you for as long as he can and 3-4 kids later by different baby daddies you go looking to try and find that good man again and he has
    moved on to a white, puerto rican, mexican, or whoever he knows will treat him right!
    So your excuse is “there are no more good black men left” they are sorry, they are this,
    they are that blah blah blah!…
    Your daughters see you do the same thing and there goes the cycle again! Yes lots
    of sorry black men out there making babies and not doing there part also but stop hating if he wants a white, pink, red or
    whatever color woman he wants now… You had no problem brushing him off for the thug
    in your life when you were younger!!!

    • bygr8ce

      Whoa!! Slow your roll playa!! Just because you’re wounded doesn’t mean you have to make blanket statements like “easier to see why black men don’t want you ALL anymore.” Were you brushed off by some chick for a thug? It’s no different than a man choosing the whore over the nice girl. Everyone has had some form of relationship pain but that is no reason to pack a lunch, hang out with misery, and throw rocks at those that pass by. No, it’s not fair if a black man or any man for that matter to prefer another race simply because he thinks he is “too good” for his own kind and vice versa.

      As far as there being no good black men, well let’s just say between prison, gang violence, homosexuality, and YES black men choosing to date other races the options are slim. However, if you go looking in the garbage you will find trash but if you prepare yourself to attract the right man, then eventually, he’ll find you. Part of the problem is we have too many 1/2 made folks trying to hook up with other 1/2 made folks to make a whole but the problem with that is 1/2 times 1/2 equals 1/4 and that’s why their relationships are only worth a quarter! Peace!

  • Madison

    Blacks and whites really need to get their act together, At the end of the day we all have choices, they chose one another and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it regardless of your opinion, as far as they are concern, all this hating is your problem.

  • tony

    The brothers just do not care for the black girls. lol. They are not as dumb as they look.

    • jk

      No Tony we are not… i’m a single dad with a beautiful daughter
      and awesome son. i refuse to let my daughter get caught up in
      the mess that most black women find themselves in now.
      We do care for them but they have to take responsibility for their
      actions also and stop blaming white women! They want to blame
      Mike for something they no nothing about and that is “his” past
      marriage! Like they were there it is laughable! And that goes to
      any color woman stop pretending you know what the hell happened
      behind their closed doors!

  • Ivan

    I’m sorry but this girl is just after his money. She’s 32, knows that her modeling career is over soon, and is looking for the next thing. After they get married, a couple years later she’ll be going through a divorce attracting a lot of media attention and will then try to an acting career, using MJ’s fame to her advantage.

    I mean think about it, how many couples out there have a 16 year age difference between each other? Also do you think it’s a coincidence that her previous boyfriend was Julio Englesias – Enrique Englesias’s brother? She’s not in it for love, MJ you should get a prenump.

    • What about the regular guy who busts his tail providing for a sub-par woman, sub-par homemaker, begs for sex, and ends up ;in Divorce court paying child support and alamony and sees his kids on weekends in a one bedroom apt. isent he the dumb one???? One word mike GOAT

  • The age difference is not that bad. Leave them alone people and be happy! It wouldn’t be the first time in history where a younger woman and an older man fell in love and had a great unoin/marriage!

  • No one can make the black woman feel bad and worthless. Since the discovery of this Nation, she has been used to make the beautiful “colors” on the trees. Except, she has never been given the “GREEN” of the leaves that make the leaves flourish and grow. But, what is more exoticl than the season when the leaves on the “trees” are “BROWN” and beautiful? We do not feel lesser than any other women. We are women of all seasons. We are great women since we, also, produced the “muscles,” with knowledge, to build a great nation. Don’t pity us! I AM A WOMAN OF COLORI “When I walk around,all eyes are on me.” Let’s “close” our eyes and “open” them to see love. Congratulationa to Michael Jordan.

  • cope in nj


    • Ivan

      No sickness, it has absolutely nothing to do with their race either, these bitches only want money. As far as what their parents did wrong, in a lot of cases nothing, they don’t respect themselves, why would they respect their parents or the person they are with?

  • All I hear is the racist comments comming from black race. Be happy for the couple and who cares about the money that is between the two of them. The black race has a racist comment when it comes to a black man wants to bw with a white woman. tell me now who is being racists. Be happy MJ with your new wife to be.

  • Silvrsfr

    Black man’s “kryptonite”………….. he deserves what he gets. Hope the bitch takes him………

  • Pedro sanchez

    where the white women at ?

  • Congrats MJ best wishes for you and your fiancee. There will always be haters in life and the only way they can feel better about themselves is to hope bad things for others. A damn shame people can’t be happy for eachother. But like the saying goes “Misery loves company”, the hell with all you miserable people and by the way go there and sit and spin for a while. For all you haters out there black, white, red, or yellow male or female all I have to say is —-you know what there is nothing to say to you miserable bitches that’s right I said it bitches. Go to hell. MJ you won another “SLAM DUNK CONTEST” and haters go choke yourselves to death. Cowards!!!

  • nelriv21

    I’m happy for Jordan, if he is really happy with his new fiance’. everyone deserves to be happy, because life is short, remember we are only here for a short time and to waste your time hating others for thier good furtune is just a waste. Congratulate him and let him know that everyone deserves to be as happy as him and his fiance’ are. live life to the fullest.

  • Robert Kildare

    As soon as the thrill of getting another trophy wears off, he will release his racism on her. He will beat her up and cheat on her, even bring home some VD. He will insist on anal sex because it hurts her and makes him feel truly on top of white people. “Look what I’m doing to one of your women! Ha, ha.” That’s standard procedure for a black man/white woman marriage. She’s marrying him mostly to distress her family, and will be very isolated. She will endure a life of abuse for the money, or she will finally lose patience with his disgusting habits and style and seek divorce. Take away his basketball and he’s just another black guy–utterly predictable–and she’ll finally realze it. Just hope no children are born to be tortured in the violent home and cursed with the impossible position of mulattodom.

    • jk

      You sound like an idiot that even white women would not want to date…
      It is actually scary that you can help produce offspring and bring them up to
      teach them the garbage that spews out of your mouth… Please do not have
      any children and if you do already please let them go live with a family
      who has common sense!

      • ronnee

        Thank you. I couldn’t agree more!!

    • ronnee

      Wow! You have some issues, you really should deal with them. You sound very under-educated! Personally, I don’t think you know a thing about life. It sounds like you’ve been dumped a time or 300. HATER….don’t be so jealous.

  • Charles

    Who should he marry then, a rich sis. Oprah is already taken.

  • jigga wa jigga who

    once you go white… .ya know it’s right, eeeh ha ha ha

  • jizz monkey


  • geno

    look people everything light or white looking is not white i know blacks that look like that but she is latin they are not white thank you have you ever heared of the moors?they are decendents of the african moors just like the italain,and arabs,and other sub races.and god didnt make no mistakes when he created none of us people became prejudice on there own free thinking crazy.that they are better then another but dont let that joe crow stuff fool you shes not a white if so so what you have your own flock to feed.feed it and leave them be.everyone is always talking about whites and blacks an what they should not do …listen can we be fruitful and mulitipy like god.said or shell we be in the dark with sillyness.about what ones choices is.

  • cnixon

    Say what you want, Being racist is not going to hep anybody. The pass is in the rear view mirror. Sisters need to learn. White women knows how to work it in the bed room. All sisters do is complain about what they ain’t going to do.

    Well you won’t get the bank! Go white girl! Work your account!

  • Rickymillion

    First of all to the Bloggers…She’s Cuban!
    and why not for MJ! He has to give up summa
    that Bread!

  • Good Luck and God Bless Both Of You.

  • Angel

    MJ, why in the hell you want to get married. F#$@ the hell out of her and move to the next bi*&^. You should already learned from your previous marriage.

  • Dave Luvilcard66

    Mike it:s your thing, do what you want to do

  • julia

    My mother told my five brothers not to ever bring a white woman in our home saying they love mother never for got Emmett Till. I told my stupid son the same thing.Living in California that stupid azz had a baby daughter by the dumb lazy azz women.First thing the drug addict woman did ask me and my husband to raise the child.I told her not from a white woman.After the killing and murder of Emmett Till and the murder of Dr. king I want nothing to do with white women.

    • jk

      People like you are the problem julia not white women! But
      obviously it started before you from what your racist mom
      said to her sons!

    • Julia, you are probably one of the sisters that roll your eyes at brothers with women of different color. A lot of things happened to us in the past and if you continue to hold that inside of you, you will not succeed. How ignorant of you not to try and raise your own grandchild, someone with your blood just because the child is half white. I hope I am around to see the day that you are stricken and need someone to spoon feed you are push your wheelchair and that child tells you “no, my mom is white”.

    • ronnee

      Sad, that’s all I can say. You’re truly sad! That grandbaby is better off without your influence. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • trusthiss

    some haters out there. jordan do ur thang. people just wish they were in ur shoes or even had a pair.

  • take2

    good luck mike! your still the best.

  • Tu Holmes

    I just wanted a post in the greatest race war thread ever!

    • M.J is worth a half Billion $ . You don’t get that kind of cash by being stupid , of coarse she will sign a prenump and anything else he ask her to sign.His ex is well taken care of and so are the kids . If they stay together 20 yrs are 20 days enjoy your life . She can’t take it all and he can’t spend it all .My brother pass away at age 45 of cancer so to everyone reading this , enjoy life no matter if he or she is black , white , blue or green . To the sisters I agree with JK a little , I’m single , a lot of sister have 2 and 3 kids different fathers , thug baby daddy have dog you out , and now you looking for a good man with a lot of baggage , good luck to you sisters , M.J from one UNC alum to another CONGRATS

  • LI


    • jk

      Read your first sentence you are an idiot! And that is Mr. President Obama to you! And he has a beautiful wife you ignorant fool! What would your father think if he knew he raised a moron that cannot write!

      • michelle obama is not beautiful. she is a fat ass nigger chick that looks a lot like a water buffalo.

      • michelle is a fat ass nig hoe. she is not good looking. why are you people so fucking blind to this.

        • ronnee

          Why are you so jealous? If you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth closed! You won’t look like such a fool that way.

        • White & Ashamed of you

          Hey idiot (rrodkey) have you noticed that your cowardly, ignorant statements are being ignored. You talk that backward crap behind a website and unless you are with a ignore group of sub-humans like yourself, you wouldn’t utter a word. Crawl back into your trailer in the sticks and stay close to your kind.

  • MJ, do your thing. It does not matter what the color is. Just have a prenup in place and make sure things are cool between your kids and her. I bet you got “shot down” in High School, and now that you got money and a white girl, people got something to say. Marriage has not color, divorce has no color. (see Deon Sanders, married two sisters and getting divorced)….it just does not matter. So what if he choses light colored women… a light skinned black man, I have been told many times by black women that I am not dark enough….what’s up with that? At the end of the day, miserable people will be miserable and you will still be Michael Jordan, the man that has made basketball a global market. Congrats

  • Bottom line guys is he sliden up in that thing and we are not. And yes she will get some cash from it. And the realization that no white man will ever want her after.

    • ronnee

      Hopefully she won’t be looking because they’ll be happy together as long as they both shall live. As for your other realization, maybe she won’t want a white man after, after being treated right by a black man. Sad comment, really sad! Is that how you base who you date, on who they’ve dated before you? Or do you get dates? With a mind like that, I’d have to wonder why…

  • Smoogie!

    What, are you saying there are no white people in Cuba? Being Cuban is not a race its a nationality. There are black Cubans and white Cubans just like there are white and black Americans and many, many mixed race people. Regardless, congrats to MJ and his soon to be bride. Mike has too many financial responsibilities to not have a pre-nup. Just please Mike…no slow motion freeway chases ala OJ, ok? 🙂

  • the reason these black dudes go for white pussy is that the black shit is just that. who would want to fuck a nigger hoe?

  • For once i’d like too see a successful Black Male Celebrity hook up with successful ,intelligent Black Woman …. let the world know , hey , they do exist , and distribute the Wealth , back into YOUR Bloodline.

    Congrats anyhow !

    • Bruce

      President Obama, just saying.

  • Jimmy Da Lock

    Like Cleavon Little said in Blazing Saddles … ” Where da White WOMEN ?? !! ”
    I can hear the sound like a Hoover vacuum cleaner now … ” SSSSHUUUUUUUCKKKKKK ” … that’s what’s left of Michaels $$ being removed from his wallet after about 2 years of his golfing and gambling and skirt chasing. Saw him in action in A.C. during his playing days or was that daze. A leopard can’t change it’s spots …

  • Smoogie!

    Hey, Mexican guys get a lot of white women too ya know! Dont know why, but its true! 🙂

  • shebease

    Hey MLK had a dream y not let MJ enjoy his!!! hi haters

  • CJW

    I could not spend the last 10 minutes reading these blogs without leaving a comment. What a really sad, sad country we live in. There is so much ignorance and hate here. Do you people really not have enough to do in your life than write such hateful comments about people you don’t even know?? Seriously?!?!?!?!

  • CJW

    Oh, and by the way…….I’m sure Michael Jordan could give a f*** what anyone on here thinks anyway.

  • For once i’d like too see a Successful Black Male Celebrity marry a Successful , Intelligent Black Woman , let the World know , hey , they do exist , and re-distribute some Wealth back into YOUR Bloodline ….

    Anyhow Congrats !

  • Frost

    This whole pointing fingers race think is getting tired. All it ever boils down to is black and white or what you are. I thought the entire planet grew out of that decades ago, but it looks like we’re still stuck. It’s not about preference, it’s about who you meet and if you like them or not. The real point is that the ex-wife has already took the lion’s share of the money and left the crumbs for the pigeons.

  • Smoogie!

    Beyonce and JayZ hooked up, happy now? 🙂

    • Carlton Banks

      Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, too!

  • She’ Hot!

  • Nic

    John Brown, died for a cause(to end slavery).
    Harriet Tubman, had the help of the Quakers.
    Abe Lincoln,freed the slaves.
    John, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King help changed civil rights.
    President Obama, didn’t get elected just by the black,and Hispanics votes alone which historically have a low turn out. other words don’t show up.He had White voter turn out.
    Folks the laws of this Nation couldn’t have been changed for the better without the help of some of the people mention above. Yes it’s unforntunate what happen to the young Emmit Till, He fell to some of the same backwards thinking that I’ve been reading. No one is perfect!, and it’s GOD’s place to hold judgement over us all.
    Also it’s not just white women that take you for half, because believe me black women take you to the cleaners too, I know! been there done that! if MJ is happy then let him be happy. Stop hating and take care of your own business, and get busy living being happy. like my man Katt Williams Say get yourself some black friends so they can tell you whats appropiate, and get some whites friends, because you may need them to bail your ass out of jail one day! LMAO!

  • Didn’t any of your mothers teach you that if you have nothing nice to say – DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!!!!!

    Good Luck to the Both of them!!

  • White girl

    Wow! People are so negative and racist! I am a white woman who is happily married to a black man (and no he is not rich!) and we have a beautiful son! Love does not see color. That’s what’s wrong with the world and most of these comments seem to be coming from their own race! SMH

    • white guy

      and thats why u lost 95 percent of all ur friends and most uf family and wonder why u have no life…shew we

      • JRF

        Listen my friend, the woman who married the black man does have a life. But I noticed in your comment that you are jealous. Don’t think negatively and you will live longer.


      Not in this case princess. Come on! Be realistic… If the man was getting engaged to Vivica fox, Vannessa Williams, Serena Williams, Ciara…you know? Rich, famous, and atractive black women. I will bite that!! But is not the case. She is just a simple regular female with no success of her own but her looks and youth. Now…can you call that “Love” or even being compatible. NO WAY! I’m not a hater, by no means. I just very realistic and I tell it like it is.

  • Groovylou69

    No offense to the lady(well maybe it is). Mike could have done better, Kim K is a piece of garbage useless wish she was. But I would have never looked at this woman twice and I have been with some superstars.

    • Leanne

      The “superstars” were probably just being nice to the village idiot!

  • nick

    She’s got to be bi, so she brings more women home to him.

  • craig

    See, I’m guessing you lot are all retarded Americans….Was I right ?

  • rumproller

    whats up with all the hate ?damn i’m sure mike dated his share of woman from all races but this women happen to capture his heart .he enjoys her company and everything in between .right now every woman that is hating on mike i assure you is black and any white woman that is hating she is pissed cause it’s not her. congrats mike much love to you and the misses you woman need to grow the fu@% up it ain’t no black and white thing not even a race thing it’s a love thing .if a good looking white man looked you up and wanted to give you some play and you turned it down thats cause you not into white men thats your choice don’t hate on a man cause he made his pure hate .sit your ass down and shut up

  • doubleOfive

    sshhhh….dont tell nobody…..but this is a nwo that will terminate the white race…mj is a secret agent….and the other rich black men are too…God knows whats up!…go G!!

  • Leanne

    Haters be damned! Have a happy life Michael. We only get one go round! Enjoy!

  • mr.p

    god bless u mike follow your heart color has nothing to do with it love dose not come in black or white god loves us all

  • John

    Congratulations Michael and Yvette, May you have many happy years together.

    It does not matter your race, it is your attitude and your ability to sell yourself to the other sex, be it white, Latino, black, or Asian. Decent people look long and hard before they tie the knot; and they know how to protect themselves and their assets against gold diggers.

    I wish both a happy life and the Lord’s blessing.

    Humans of all races are beautiful, some inside and out.

  • She is only after his money

  • wow

    I thought O.J. taught all rich black men a lession.. This will not last and she will have the rest of his money.. What’s wrong with marring another smart black women like Juanita.

  • noway

    The type of commemts you get when a country pays tooooooo much attention to sports and entertainment and not enough science. People use the internet for a real learning experience.

  • Real Deal

    It is so sad that many of you still conform to the darkness of racism. MJ can still get any woman he wants, but I am sure he found someone he is happy with. I am sure she can handle all what comes with the crap you all talk.

  • Y’all got it all WRONG. Black, White or whatever, marriage is the same. The longer you are married the less sex you get and the bigger her mouth gets. Michael Jordan knows basketball but he is a noob when it comes to women.

    Nag, nag, buy, buy, buy, pay pay pay. Rots o ruck

  • John

    All these comments that MJ should not get married again are foolish,
    if he loves her then do it. He has more money than he can spend.
    If you like the guy be happy for him. If she would divorce him and take half
    he is MJ and always have air jordans to make more money.

  • Buttermilk

    You’d see more White men with Black women if most of them weren’t so getto. It has nothing to do with color or race but it does have a lot to do with behavior and little things like proper grammar. I can read the comments and it’s very obvious who the Blacks are from their remarks and grammar. Black people are the one’s who are prejudice and it’s obvious by your remarks…Trust me, Michael Hordan is an intelligent man and he’s not a fool unless he’s just a fool in love…I’d bet you that he has an iron clad prenuptial agreement. After all, it was a women that took half the fortune that he earned…I believe she is Black and with that I rest my case…Best wishes Michael!

  • Buttermilk

    Hey CB,

    You’re observation and comment about book was both right on and hilarious!!!

  • Ed Powers


  • TopCat

    Its 2511 AD and people are reading this in the future. They are amazed how ignorant we were back in 2011… as the dna mix has eliminated any reason to have race categories.

    Respect all people!

  • daniel

    congrats i hope you guys are happy together for a long time

  • WTF…Why are people still looking at the color of peoples skin. Get a grip. You treat whomever according to their actions not the color of their skin. If you were a white person and had an accident and the only person to help was a black doctor, would you refuse his or her help. This country needs to get a grip. I do not give a damn if you are black, white, yellow, red or purple. We are all people.

    • Lil Davis

      Only in some peoples’ eyes.

  • tikidwp

    We all have all these comments. what about what our lord, love has no color, we hate to see others happy, did god ever say what color two people had to be to fall in love , World peace is what we need , what kind of people are we to judge another, lets stop and think do our opinion really matter, god has has the last word about all, have you ever been dead, do you know 100 percent where your soul will rest, are you sure, can we answer this really just think for a minute if you care we all will die some day, you cant stop that . love all your human bros and sis … look in the mirrow , im not perfect and i dont have all the answers…..

  • That misguided girl is soiled & contaminated for life.

    • ghtd


  • rey

    in case you havent notice her last name means black in spanish lol

  • you racist nigger

    look into it she is not white you stupid hating niggers. she is cuban.

  • lol look at all of yah acktin like a bunch of lil kids lol such losers!!!do what you do mj

  • Italian in LA

    Hello People,

    Tom Leykis used to have a radio show out here in LA and one of his common themes was that on average, men tend to date/marry women on a scale that their income can afford. In essence, the larger the income, the more “stable” and “secure” he becomes. It’s imbedded in women for millenia.

    Take a forty year old middle aged man with a small belly and some hair loss and an average job. He is lucky to attact an average looking woman at best, let alone a younger hottie. Now change nothing but his income, bring it up, watch how “attractive” he becomes.

    As far as race, I’m a white man and while I date my own race, there is something erotic about women of color to me, be they black, asian, or indian decent. It doesn’t make me a whiter hater, it is ingrained in me, my way of thinking.

    As far as the black haters and white haters… god damn give it a rest. Slavery was abolished a long time ago. I have some black friends that remind me racism exists to some extent like “driving while black”, etc but for the average person, it does not.

    I read the other day that a crazy percentage of all black men are incarcerated and something like 75% or so of black children don’t have their father around. Now that is a problem, a huge problem and needs to be addressed for whatever reason.

    So… stop hating on people you don’t know and work on making your own life better.


  • lol and just cuz he can get a good women and your broke ass!! can’t get a fine lady. poor ass white,black,latin,exc. people. lol you niggas think she will come on to you if you had a chance??Z she wouldnt

  • mj, i congrat from africa kick some white ass.

  • Rockfever

    I can’t believe what I’m reading here. Very few positive comments, mostly garbage. I’m happy for Michael.


    I know that the black women are upset but it is okay and I understand your frustration. If she takes his money so what, you can’t take it to the grave with you. Also, that is MJ’s life so focus on your own, as life is short. Also, maybe if black women will learn to stop saying what they are not going to do in the bedroom maybe black men will think twice before they go to the white women bedrooms.

  • brainweapon

    Black women get over it. The majority of you only date black guys if they are successful and we know it. Also, if you would learn to stop saying what you are not going to do in the bedroom, black men will not have to go to white women bedrooms. As you already know, we have the biggest mandingos on the planet and need freaks in our lives, even if they want a little paper. So start giving us what we want, pointblank.

  • Michael…Michael…Michael I know the underwear ads have made you some money, but you are now standing without any underwear. Your hall of fame speech dropped your pants. Your statements during the lock out bent you over, but this is just a moon in the face of your fans. You were my idol. It turns out your just as greedy and infantile as the rest of the superstars.


    I’m a white (European) young lady… & it’s pretty sad to read all the negative black / White comments.

    Congrats to both of them… I hope they find happiness.

    And marriage is like a negotiation you give & you take. In times like today you have to work at it, you have to accept and give to make it work.
    And I have never seen so much racism until I came to live here in the US.

  • LeeB

    Who dates black women?

  • Ramsey

    The only reason black men like white wemen is cuz they like a**L sex and black weman don’t.

  • lmo


    If he cheated on Juanita, he will cheat on you. I bet your prenup on it!!!!


    Its a damn shame that Black guys feel like they are proving a point by dating or marrying a white girl.. I feel that the struggle that my forefathers had to deal with is TO HURTFUL FOR ME TO DATE OUTSIDE MY RACE. Its always in the back of my mind. And with that it is ridiculous for anyone of African descent to cross over as tho thats better then. True love has no color but by the same token we have different things about us that can’t be over looked… But what’s funny to me is that those white girls that they get with. WANT TO BE WHO WE ARE FROM THE BIG LIPS TO PHAT BOOTYS. WE ARE THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN SO SISTERS HOLD YOUR HEADS UP HIGH. Much Love to all, yours truly one BEAUTIFUL BLACK SISTER.

    • afrosamurai

      Its not your bodies or your looks its your atitudes
      Black women want to take turns wearing the pants
      Other women when they go out with us brothers
      at least let us “think” that we are calling the shots.

      There is a completely different dynamic

      You sisters are too strong minded, too obstinant, too belligerent, too petty
      and too agressive with your complaints, insults, critiques and not
      freely giving in anything, especially in the bedroom.

      My ideal sisters are Zoe Saldana, Thandie Newton, Megan Good and Gabrielle Union,
      However the character Gabrielle played in “Deliver us from EVA” is the attitude that the majority of sisters have unfortunately when the are in a relationship with Brothers.
      Non Black women are more reverent its a fact.

  • Nic

    Hi Italian in L.A., We’re on the same page, as far letting people live there lives being happy. After going through this news vines reading a great deal of comments it just seems racist people keeps the United States from moving forward, and it’s a real underlying problem here, and there are plenty of other issues that we could hold a possitive dialogue on such as cleaning D.C. up from corruption of the politicians, poverty,police brutality, hunger, fatherless children. Time is precious and all we seem to do is bicker over who’s someone is dating, engaged, or married too. It’s quite clear that the United States is loaded with bigots, and racist, and that how we lead the world it’s quite clear. For example; Look at how President Obama has been constantly disrespected since becoming elected as President. other elect officials calling him a liar in the midst of giving his speech, and etc. Ask yourselves this question is this the example you want to set for your children,nieces, nephews, the other chlidren in the community, kids you coach on a team. Or for you Veterans out there is this who you want marching next to you, or administering first aid? So let’s Mike enjoy his Lady, whether she’s Cuban,White, Black,Asian, or Purple,who cares as long as he and she are happy. And folks whatever happens its gonna happen, All women take you to the cleaners when you split up, no matter if you have a little bit or billions of dollars it’s gonna be HALF!. And all of the racist keep doing what you do best, and that’s hiding behind you sheets,(oh did i say that?) I meant your internet comments because it’s the new age SHEETS that you can hide behind.

  • Nic

    And for the people out there that’s afraid to date outside of their own race, but want to or curious, How about you all Grow a set! and show some DAMN COURAGE!, and stop living in fear of what someone else will or would say somewhere. Are they paying your bills?, And I like to think you’re an Adult?, So your just a SLAVE living inside your own Prison that you’ve created for yourself. SAD!

  • Just lookin in

    For all you morons saying latin people are not white then tell me this, what continent did the LATIN language come from? What continent do white people come from?

    Cubans, Mexicans, Hondurans ect… are no different than U.S citizens, they come in all races. The only “pure” cubans are the ones who evolved there, essentially another variety of Native American. Of course Native Americans started at one point as Eurasians, but that is besides the point.

  • Noname

    I hope every negative and positive comments on this blog does not sway MJ decisions. I do not think so. His decision to marry her is probably well calculated. I am saying this becasue of all of the comments that weigh in on his decision. For all that was said this is my comment:

    His is life and you cannot leave his life for him or him leaving your life for you. Do you know if the decision to engage his unilateral; I am pretty sure is mutual regardless of what ever motive everyone is hypothesizing. Finally ordinary people talk about successful people and people with great minds talk ideas, and some people are just dumb followers, take your choice, where do you belong.

    Are you all mad because she is white or young or both. By the way MJ is not too old for her. My daddy is 80 years old and he is still going strong. Are you wondering whom I am!. I am from the motherland and what MJ has decided to do is his own decision, is non of your business. I have an African-American wife of the same age with MJ’s, and she is beautiful, and gorgeous and bore me two children already. So what is the hoopla about age, when all that matters is MJ ability to continue fulfilling her needs physicallly. Enough said.

  • Seriously

    OK. This is ridiculous. First of all I know several african american women that love white men.

    And this is the United States of America???
    Won’t GOD be so pleased to see these comments. I wonder what judgement day is going to be like for several of these people???

  • Some of the comments just cause one to wonder at the ignorance of some of the public. God help us.

  • AfroSamurai

    Jordan was smart to get an “upgrade”
    He better have a prenup
    But this women is HOT

  • Reality Smites

    MJ…can’t tell ya how excited I am for you. Having a woman around to share your life with is a wonderful thing.

    Best Wishes
    Mel Gibson

  • MJ one & only

    You are talking about the greatest player life, I think he can restart his life when, where and with who he wants. doesn’t matter if she is black, white, brunnette, yellow, green, or blue. She is a lady