The very talented Ralph Cipolla constructed this infographic which details NCAA division-I coaches who were able to tarnish their once stellar careers with just a few bad decisions.

I have long considered creating a breed of topical and timely “Infographic” that goes beyond the typical format you see all over the web – the infographic populated by elementary school-level shapes, washed-out primary colors, with humans represented by the asexual icons you see on the door of every public restroom.  

Here, I decided to tackle a topic that never gets old – NCAA Div-I coaches and their uncanny ability to:

    • Make the same stupid mistakes previously perfected by countless other blind, arrogant, and blindly-arrogant big-time coaches,
    • Egregiously violate the same small set of unambiguous common-sense NCAA rules, and
    • Deny, deny, deny – in the face of rumor, on-line murmur, a growing Everest of evidence, and the inevitable Sports Illustrated Special-Collectable-School-Sanction-Securing-Double-Issue Expose´.