I’ve watched a lot of ESPN in my time. Two of my personal favorites have always been the World’s Strongest Man competitions as well as the Woodcutting games. What always amused me as much as the tournaments was wondering how the announcers ended up covering these types of events. “Welcome to ESPN, please crawl under the porch before the neighbors see you.”

On that note, I give you John Sutcliffe. He somehow made his way to Monday Night Football but…and maybe it’s just me…he doesn’t seem to have the presence or vocal chops to get the job done on a week-to-week basis.

  • Was just thinking exactly the same thing when I was watching sportscenter earlier.

  • Tony

    Man, if his whinny voice wasn’t bad enough, he keeps on pausing during his delivery. Get rid of him. You would think in this economy they could find someone, anyone, that’s better than this knob.

  • Justin

    Does anyone have a video of him talking about the lights and saying everyone was “running around like hell.” He gave literally no insight during that conversation.

  • Javier

    I tuned in the game late, so I got a little estranged when I saw a different on-field reporter for ESPN Latin America. I still can’t believe he got promoted to a bigger english speaking, non familiar with him, market.

    We’ll miss him since he is a great guy and provided us with a good laugh.

    But now, he’s all yours. Enjoy!

  • scott

    I suggest everyone send a tweet to @espn and bitch about it. i know i did! Terrible!