Chicago Bears wide receiver Johnny Knox was carted off the field in the first quarter of the Bears vs Seahawks game on Sunday.  Knox had just caught a pass from Caleb Hanie, but fumbled the ball directly following.  When going after the loose ball Knox was hit and it did not look good.  He was on the field for a good five minutes and was carted off directly into an ambulance.  Johnny Knox was moving his hands and fingers as he’s carted off the field and was able to give a brief thumbs-up.

The cart took Knox to an ambulance and he was transported to a hospital according to the WBBM-AM 780 broadcast.  It is confirmed that he has full use of all of his extremities.

We wish him nothing but the best and a safe, full recovery.

UPDATE:  Lovie Smith said on his radio show that Johnny Knox suffered a fractured vertabrae.

WARNING – this is pretty grim:



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  • mike

    Holy Crap!… ouch

  • Craig McHugh

    That was a vicious hit and totally uncalled for. The player who hit him should get a few game suspensions if not for the rest of the season if they reach the playoffs.

    • earl

      gimme a break. the hit was not malicious in its intent.

  • mike

    agreed, (earl) it’s football.

  • Doug Brown

    from the look of it the hit wasnt even supposed to happen. they both went for a loose ball and met in the middle

  • Pat

    I feel sorry for Johnny Knox but it is a risk that most full contact sports players take to make the money that is paid to them.
    Maybe the NFL could come up with a rule that recievers are not allowed to be hit after they catch the ball sort of like the rule that the multi million dollar quarterbacks are not allowed to be hit after they release the ball.
    Good luck Johnny Knox we hope you have no long term side effects.

  • memawAngie

    It was not a malicious hit, it was just a freak accident. I only wish Johnny Knox a speedy recovery from his back surgery.

  • Jeff Raber

    How is he doing?Thats not right !oooooooooomy god hope he is fine.Get better we need you…

  • bulla

    damn thats crazy! get better knox, hopefully the Bears learn how to use you more often with that speed. Get better bro!