Paul Flannery Tweeted this earlier today:

Jeff Green is seeing more doctors today. Danny Ainge is with him.

It’s never good news when a team’s General Manager accompanies one of its players to the doctor.  And apparently it’s actually a “set of doctors.”

This started with “a problem discovered during a stress test last week.”  ESPN reports that Green is suffering from a “mysterious ailment that has thus far prevented him from passing a physical and participating fully in training camp.”  The Boston Herald calls it a “major health concern,” and suggests that it might be a heart issue.

Another source says we should be getting to the bottom of this soon:

“We’ll know more about Jeff [on Friday],” team president Danny Ainge said. “He’s completing all tests and results and we should know more [Friday] afternoon. Everything.”

recent report from claims that “the news does not appear positive.”

Best of luck to Mr. Green and the Celtics.  Green, set to earn about $9 million this year, is backed up by Sasha Pavlovic and Marquis Daniels.

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