This Breaking Bad-Simpsons remix is as good as it gets.  As an avid watcher of Breaking Bad, I could almost nail every line as to where it happened within the seasons.  YouTube user “samuelk202″ took a great deal of time (we assume) to edit together clips from “The Simpsons” with dialogue from “Breaking Bad, and the result is magic.  As one of the comments noted: “Lionel Hutz as Saul Goodman is the best thing ever.”

He cast Ned and Maude as Walt and Skyler, Bart as Jesse, drug dealer…keeper-awayer Lionel Hutz as Saul (perfect), Cleutus and Brandine as the tweakers from “Peekaboo,” Bobo as the One-Eyed Bear, the vomiting frog prince from “Treehouse of Horror XII” as Jane, and Bumblebee Man as Tuco (perfect-er)

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

via Warming Glow