UPDATE (11:30am pst): Apparently word has reached the NFL front office as they have removed the photo from their online store.

For a league who has one of the most stringent concussion policies around, it seems very odd that the NFL would be selling pictures of one of their players who was at the time, concussed.  The NFL is offering to sell you the below photo of Browns QB, Colt McCoy, just minutes following the vicious hit delivered by James Harrison last week (which Harrison was suspended a game for).

via Deadspin and Tim Burke

  • Ed Gawrys jr

    In my opinion these intentional helmet hits and blows to the head will never stop until the inflicting player has to serve a full unpaid suspension until the concussed player is cleared to come back and play. These small fines and one game suspensions are not enough. Look at Marc Savard of the Boston Bruins . After injuring Savard on a dirty hit, Matt Cooke is still earning a living like nothing ever happened and his hit might have ended Marc’s career and maybe shortened his life span. Until it is an eye for an eye as far as missed playing time, these hits will keep on coming. Some of these players have reduced themselves to not much more than savages out there. Eddie G Manchester NH

    • Brandon

      McCoy tucked the football. As soon as he tucks the ball he loses his protection as a QB and becomes a runner. If Harrison hit the running back like that there would have been no penalty called. Remember Maybe if McCoy would have chosen the option to slide and not get hit like the NFL rules say maybe he wouldn’t have got his bell rung. Go watch ice skating or bowling.