The unfortunate spiral of NBA veteran Charlie Bell remains in full effect. The Warriors guard, who spent the lion’s share of his career with the Bucks, was arrested in October in Flint, Michigan for being liquored up, driving on a suspended license and not paying attention to stop signs. That’s 0 for 3. Bell made matters worse for himself by showing up to his court date last week…again, liquored up.

From HuffPost:

After arriving for court, Bell was held in police custody for several hours because he was legally intoxicated. According to the San Francisco Gate, Bell’s case was set to be resolved Thursday morning, until Bell blew a reported .09 during a pre-scheduled alcohol assessment, which was .01 above the legal limit.

Bell hasn’t had it easy as of late. His wife allegedly stabbed him in May and he had another DUI-ish brush with the law back in February. And to add insult to injury, the Warriors waved in this weekend.

(via HuffPost)