As you may have heard, the NBA blocked a three-way trade in which the New Orleans Hornets sent Chris Paul to the LA Lakers.

This spurred some excellent writing around the Internet, almost none of it favorable to NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Here are just a few of the gems:

    • “I hope [Hornets GM] Dell Demps resigns and makes a sex tape with a stripper wearing a David Stern Halloween mask. ”
      — Bill Simmons crushing it for Grantland.
    • “Craven Owners Kill CP3 Deal, Expose David Stern As Flaccid, Powerless Monkey.”
      — The Title of a nice piece Silver Screen And Roll.
    • “[Expletive] this whole thing. David’s drunk on power, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the players, and he doesn’t give a [expletive] about the hundreds of hours the teams put in to make that deal.”
      — Unnamed NBA Executive in this excellent Wojnarowski piece.
    • “I was certainly wasn’t surprised that Stern did something so heavy-handed, but I was truly shocked that he did something so, well, dumb.”
      —  Brilliant dissection of the nixed deal at The Painted Area.
    • “Chris Paul Veto:  Vindictive and Petty”
      — The title of this ESPN article by Michael Wilbon says it all.
Finally, a conspiracy theory.  This Hoopspeak article references an ESPN Insider piece by John Hollinger, which argues that Stern may have stopped the trade because he didn’t want the Lakers to destroy themselves.  It’s a good theory.  Had the deal gone through, the Lakers would have pillaged their frontcourt and mortgaged their future on the cartilege-free knees of Chris Paul, the worn-down knees of an aging Kobe Bryant, and the brittle knees of Andrew Bynum.
  • the true reason for David Sterns action is simple, he does not want Derrick Fisher’s job to be in jeopardy, because Derricks his next job will be, shooting for the next Commissioner spot.

  • rob3zx

    Stern do you feel like a slave master? set cp3 free, master

  • AVC

    Dan Gilbert, Mark Cuban Michael Jordan and the rest of the Crybaby owners probably should follow MJ’s advice circa 1998 “If you can’t make a profit sell your team”, David Stern your time should quickly come to an end, retire immediately…

  • H Davis

    All you guys dissing Sterns, read the damn new CBA. This is exactly what the NBA did NOT want to happen. You want to be pissed at somebody, be pissed at crybaby LeBron James for doing what he did last year with Miami. That’s what started it all. Read the damn contract before you start getting upset. That is if you can read.

    • K Gill

      His name is not Sterns but Stern, and before you go off questioning everybody else’s reading capacity, please check your own speliing and vocab. “Damn this and damn that”… you moron!!

    • Man SHUT UP!!!!!

    • Eric

      Since you can read so well try reading the meaning of monopolizing, which is exactly what that slave owning mentality of a prick is actually attempting to do now. What’s next, is he gona maybe “SAVE THE NFL”! You read the writing, it’s right there on the freaking wall!

    • C-Note

      Get a life Chief! The common denominator here is that slave owner Dan Gilbert. He would not be so vocal now or during the lock out if Lebron would have said, ” yesa boss, where u b wontin me to play fo u boss.” ” sho is good to b yo bess boy boss, u wont me to dunk now massa or jump high fo ya.”

      Wake up fool! These damn owners care about money, and Dan (Massa) Gilbert is about his $$$, you didnt hear a peep from him when LB was ballin for his ass. The CBA was adapted because greedy ass owners like Massa Gilbert was manipulating things to benefit their bottom line. Period!!!

  • Willard

    David Stern. You’re a power hungry, controlling jerk (edited to remove obscenity). No one was under no duress to make that trade. NO might have even got the better part of the trade.Bottom line is teams like the Lakers are the heart and soul of the NBA. Tieing thier hands on trades like this will end up hurting the NBA and basketball in general, You’re not the only game in town Do us all a fovor… RETIRE

    • victor williams

      David Stern thinks he is God,after his ass is sued, the owners will get rid of his ass too.

  • JAM

    I’m a New Orleans season ticket holder. We love Chris Paul and are very upset he is choosing to abandon us. HOWEVER, his contract expires after this year and he will be a free agent. He will then be free to sign with whomever he wishes and we would get jack squat in return. David West, our star power forward is a free agent this season and is doing exactly that….departing from us without the Hornets getting jack squat.

    The proposed trade seemed to be pretty favorable to us. At the moment, there are no better offers. You see, no one will give up the farm if Chris is unwilling to sign a long term deal when his contract expires. Since he has the freedom of contract, he has the last say. Thus, our options are limited to those teams where Chris will sign a long term deal, like it or not. (which I don’t).

    So, while I wish there was a way in the new CBA to address this situation,like a franchise tag or some other way for small market teams to hold on to the Chris Pauls of the world, the reality is we have to live with the crappy agreement and system that has no teeth in it to keep us small market teams competitive.

    So Mr. Stern, you are killing us loyal Hornets’ season ticket fans by forcing Chris to stay for a year and shafting us next year when we get nothing for him when he leaves in free agency. Your veto accomplished nothing more than allowing Chris Paul to leave a small market team to form a super team at our expense. Pretty short sighted and stupid on your part. I feel used by the NBA and Mr. Stern and their marketing to get me to buy in (their marketing slogan locally was “i’m in”).

  • shermbabe

    I’m a Laker fan, and I don’t like Lamar leaving – BUT what gives an Owner the right to OWN a player? This is just merely another form of slavery, only the pricetag of the slave has gone up.

  • mitch

    was that H-ubert Davis & K endall Gill arguing above in the comments section ? H Davis and K Gill would probably of brought more knowledge & wisdom not to mention manners,respect & discipline if they were former pro players not just two dudes arguing over nothing. I do see alot of wrong from this story and would rather see a veto only be used for a good explanation and so far (having really watched enough on tv or read the whole truth of the story) to really understand what happened and why the commish did this veto on the trade. But to overreact so quickly and immediately call racism is bogus and a bit overboard however I do realize what the society trend is lately the past 4-5 yrs n longer – is to be sensitive, skeptical, and way too dramatic to the point of crybabies. For a country that really doesnt have as much freedom as many others and yet we manipulate those few freedoms we have to constantly be waiting for someone to “offend” us really makes me upset and wish people had thicker skins and wouldnt jump to negative reactions & conclusions. I get the whole sympathy for CP but as a fan wouldnt want to see him traded to the Lakers anyways, Im a celtics fan and dont really care where he ends up but for the sake of the nba game n teams as a whole, maybe he should stay put and rep his team that drafted him and gave him his chance to become the player he is. If he doesnt like being on a shitt team than they should trade to acquire some good players around him, or sign free agents to build n keep him happy or atleast try to persuade him into staying ? lets see what comes out in detaiils to find out why it was denied than when the truth or facts come out …feel free to call everyone all the names you want