Cosby Sweaters’ sources have told us that dwight Howard, prized center, has signed a deal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

We cannot disclose any meaty details at this time, but we hear that “…the deal is done.  The papers are signed.”  Obviously this would have to have been a trade…but for who?

If the Lakers get beat off the dribble, Howard could swat those shots away and collect his fourth consecutive defensive player of the year award. If the Lakers struggle with outside shooting, Howard’s power alone would still make it hard to double team both him and Bryant. And with the Lakers continually worried about their health, they can rely more on Howard missing only seven games in his seven-year career than Chris Paul (also being courted by the Lakers) possibly experiencing knee problems. Overall, history has shown a dominant NBA center always proves more important to winning a title than an elite point guard.

What do you think about this?  Where does it rank all-time in off-season signings?