Following Tiger Woods’ win at the Chevron Open in Southern California yesterday he took to Twitter to express his feelings, and we love it.  Anyone who channels LL Cool J to make a point still has some self-confidence in their tank.  Well played, on and off the course El Tigre.

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  • Pat Mahiney

    I guess Tiger does not want us to call it a comeback, because he’s been here for years….Rockin his peers keepin suckers in fear.

    The problem I have is everyone is celebrating Tigers comeback but the tournament is call the Chevron world challenge aka the Tiger Woods invitational…. he didnt invite anyone that would beat him thats all, did you see the other competitors…geez please no names and has beens,
    This was a PR stunt from the get go, in past years he has invited VJ, and Luke donald where were they this year?….not invited..why because Tiger wanted to win his own tourney.

    to quote the great Ed Lover…….C’mon Son!!!!!

  • MikeGotGame

    C’mon Son, really. Don’t hate on the man and the strives he’s making to get back to the top. It’s sad you would say the Zac Johnson is a nobody and that the filed of competitors was subpar. Look and the playing field again to see. There’s actually players who have beat Tiger, especially the last 2 years (smile).

    • Ignatieff’s “depends who is ledear” quip makes me think that this guy is NOT a team player and was planted in the Liberal party by a specific party for a specific agenda. You know, I have no proof but my gut feeling is that Ignatieff has a hidden agenda. As I say, it is only a feeling and I have no proof because…if it was a HIDDEN agenda, I would not ahve seen it and if I had seen it, then it would NOT be hidden, any longer.

  • Neil Shaw

    Tiger woods don’t need to fix a tournament, he is the greatest golfer, except for Jack , that has ever lived. Before we talk alot of garbage about him, let’s just wait until next year and see how he does against all the so called good players. To many couch potatos and wanna be weekend golfers think they know the best, well, I have news for you, just sit there and watch and wish you could play like Tiger.

  • Dave

    Tiger put it best awhile back when he started playing again and one of the sports writers accused him of being the worst golfer on the planet. What was his reply? He said that might be true but I can still beat you!

  • intresting how the mighty fall – but will Tiger rise again – i agree that next year will determine more if he is back on track to break Jack’s record –
    When Tyson fell – he never could ride that horse like he did before – history repeating it’self?? We shall see.