I don’t understand how Lebron doesn’t have smart people who tell him what to do.  He’s so incredibly good at saying and doing the wrong thing.  This is from his flag football game the other night:




You know before this happened he told his buddies he was going to do it.   How does one of them not say “Uh bro, maybe don’t do the dance that was just a huge controversy in the NFL this weekend, how about something else instead.”  So here’s my advice to Lebron: hire a smart guy buddy.  Someone intelligent with a grip on reality, who unlike you has a general awareness of the world around them.  A PR guy, an adviser, a life coach; just somebody to run things by first, who tells you when you’re being an idiot before it actually happens.

And while I’m on the subject, I think Stevie Johnson got a raw deal.  It was funny.  And I don’t even think it should have been a penalty.  None of his teammates were involved.  And it was DEFINITELY not worthy of this moronic self-righteous rant by Bob Costas:


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