The Anaheim Ducks have had a couple of important changes as of late, but I’d stick my neck out on the line to say that this is the biggest (joking).  Ducks goalie, Jonas Hiller  now has a mask which is a one of its kind, 3-D demon shaker.  The Ducks have had some bad luck on the ice as of late and some folks are hoping this will make a difference.

Justin Goldman of The Goalie Guild describes the mask:

The “3-D” effect of Wild Wing is really unique. Up close, it just looks like lines. But from far away, it looks like one “piece” as the shadowing effects are very clear! Very cool concept, something that has never been done before. I think it will look great for the fans that sit close to the ice.

We are fans of the innovation, but we also think that the change in coaches may be a more effective move towards winning.

via Puck Daddy