Paulina Gretzky shocked her 20k + followers last week when she stated that she was “taking a break from Twitter for a bit.”  Rumors and articles ran for a couple days claiming that her father sat her down and had her delete her account.  Regardless of the cause, the Great One’s daughter has returned to Twitter in her full glory.  You can follow her HERE and you can also check out a FOX Sports photo gallery featuring some of Paulina’s Twitter pics HERE.

  • Oooh Daddys going to have to cut her off now for violating his rules.

  • squeeb

    Don’t think Papa’s gonna cut off his not-so-precious Paulina anytime soon… Wayne’s prolly afraid if he does, Paulina will get a couple bucks quick on a coupla well-worn mattresses up in Van Nuys… and then hafta shell out more for when his not-so-precious goes to the hospital to get treated for numerous Bed Bug bites ALL OVER her curves!!!

  • larry

    can i see your pics?

  • James

    Stupid slut!

  • Jack

    Oh, sooo naughty!
    I think little Paulina needs a spanking 😉

  • Rod

    Glad she’s back what a fox.

  • John Galt

    Sadly her biggest accomplishment in life is getting back on twitter so a bunch of fat slobs can follow her meaningless drivel. I bet Wayne is real proud.

  • Fmfao

    The Great Ones

  • Please come back to the Blues and be our Ice Queen. B Hoop Indy

  • surfdude

    well her music didn’t go maybe her looks will!
    she still is not that great…but she is good looking! she doesn’t hurt your eyes!
    wayne…at least he has some morals…but he still can’t stop her!
    just DON’T want to see another KARD-ASS-ian here!!!!!
    famous for nothing!

  • jim

    As a dad, very sorry Wayne. I know you wanted more for your daughter than this.

  • Dayton Supreme

    She clearly inherited her most important features from her mother.

  • JJ Mortellaro


  • Beau

    Just another Kardasian putz.

  • wonder if she can pull off a hat trick!

  • Keith_Loving

    Wayne, I was 8 years old when you was playing for the LA Kings back in the early 90s…i was such a bug fan of yours and still am…now that i am like 28, i feel bad that my pecker is turned on by looking at your girl that i didn’t know existed until know. lol

  • Jane

    This kind of crap can even be news? How about writing your neighbor just shit in his pants becuz he had too much seafood..That’s pretty Basically, she’s just an attention w*ore, that needs to promote her image for covering her never-existing talent. If you are that freaking famous, you wouldn’t uploading pictures for gaining your confidence. We dp need these famous-for-nothings, cuz they make their kind feel secure, and they are good laugh for the smart ones.

  • Sean

    She is very nice to look at.

  • Howard


  • gordo

    Remember the old days when you actually needed to accomplsh something to be famous? Now you don’t need a brain, a resume, or anything else. Karadashian, Hilton, etc. We celebrate the stupid over the smart, the unskilled over the skilled, immoral over the moral. Too bad.

  • Jim

    What’s she famous for again? Why is this news?