Two 73-year old former CFL players, Joe Kapp (former B.C. Lions’ and Minnesota Vikings quarterback, actor, Cal head coach and B.C. GM) and Angelo Mosca (former Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ defensive tackle and professional wrestler) got into a fight recently and it was slightly disturbing. They exchanged cane blows, punches, bull rush moves and more at the CFL Alumni Legends Luncheon in Vancouver on Friday, Nov. 25, just two days before the Grey Cup.  Not the best look for either former player.

According to Sports Grid the bad blood goes back to their playing days:

Mosca put a hit on BC running back Willie Fleming that many thought was dirty, Kapp included. Apparently, Kapp wouldn’t shake Mosca’s hand after the game. Hence, bad blood. 48 years’ worth of bad blood, to be exact. Because when Kapp and Mosca crossed paths at a CFL alumni event leading up to this year’s Grey Cup, well, this happened:

[youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

via SportsGrid

  • Wallace

    I cannot believe what I just watched!

  • Joe Kapp was a terrible quarterback, an even worse coach and a bum as a GM. Obviously a drunk and a ass. Joe Kapp you suck.

    • owenjs

      good job joe! fat people suck

    • timber

      Really ? Did you see him play ? CFL or NFL ?
      Read coverage from Sports Illustrated.. ?
      Or hear what his team mates, or adversaries thought of him ?
      He was a gamer.. more spirit and toughness than talent
      and was screwed by the Patriots and the NFL
      at the end of a 9 year pro career (I believe)

      I saw Kapp and Mosca play many times..
      Kapp (quarterback) made a big mistake shoving a flower in Mosca’s (def lineman) face
      there was some good old time swipes & shoving
      but after Mosca missed with the wicked cane swing
      Kapp’s sharp right cross nailed the big guy.. hard

      I love both these warriors.. old school .. all heart and soul
      and think they both added to their legendary and well earned status

  • EHoofnagle

    So let me get this straight. Mosco made a dirty hit on Kapps teammate 48 years ago. They meet on stage for the first time and Kapp extends an olive branch and Mosco tells him “to stick it up his ass”. Kapp attempts again and Mosco pushes Kapp and swings his cane at him hitting him in the face and knocking his glasses off. Kapp then beats the hell out him.

    How is Kapp at fault?? I’m confused.

  • Scott

    Awesome punch! The tubby has-been bully should have pulled up his big boy depends and acted like a gentleman at an award ceremony and kept his lip shut! “Shove it up your A??” Really? What a jerk! You can bet he’s verbally abusive to everyone with a mouth like that, and he’s probably feeling a little bit sorry for himself as he’s watched the good old year’s disappearing into a mist of mentholatum and hemorrhoid cream! People like that should get a fist to the face just like he did in the video. A huge victory for the good guy!

  • OffTHeTurf

    Mosca swings cane, Kapp connects. He still plays dirty, go Joe

  • Way to go Joe! You should have landed a few more on the Jerk. I love the passion at your age. Keep going!

  • bob

    sad great example for younger kids